About Thomas Seay
First AboutSF Coordinator 2005-2007

Thomas Seay is a graduate student in creative writing at the University of Kansas and communications director for Congresswoman Nancy Boyda of Kansas. While working for the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, Thomas built the AboutSF.com website and directed AboutSF programs. He also created educational content offered through the University of Kansas and to be offered as the "Science Fiction Roadshow," available via AboutSF as a one- or two-day program for educators. He also serves on staff at the annual Alpha Writing Workshop for teenage writers of speculative fiction, held each summer in Pittsburgh, PA.

His fiction has appeared in Boys' Life, Realms of Fantasy, Fantastic Stories, and several other publications.

Seay lives in Washington, DC. Check out the AboutSF website:

KU mailing address:

English Department
University of Kansas
Wescoe Hall
1445 Jayhawk Blvd, Room 3001
Lawrence Kansas 66045-7590

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Thomas Seay

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