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What We Do

Kansas Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), one of 58 centers across the United States, promotes the national LTAP mission of fostering a safe, efficient, environmentally sound transportation system by improving skills and knowledge of local transportation providers through training, technical assistance and technology transfer.

Kansas LTAP provides services to local public works agencies and their employees throughout Kansas. In operation since 1983, We have a variety of services to Kansas local public agencies including a quarterly newsletter, regular training, video and publication lending library and technical assistance. For a fact sheet detailing Kansas LTAP services, along with other services of the Kansas University Transportation Center, click here.

The Kansas LTAP receives funding from our partners at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).





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NLTAPA Kansas LTAP is a member of the National Association of LTAP & TTAP Programs.


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What's New?

Smarter, Safer Roadways: Road Diets for Rural Communities
This article addresses pros and cons of road diet projects, feasibility, and community benefits to give local governments the necessary information to determine if road diets, or the underlying concepts, have a place in their communities.

2016 Kansas LTAP and Kansas Roads Scholar Training Calendar
Check out the Kansas LTAP Training Calendar for the most up-to-date listings.

Fall 2015 LTAP Newsletter now available
Check out the latest issue of the LTAP newsletter.

Kansas Local Road Management Handbook (Revised 2015)
This handbook was developed for new road supervisors and county engineers.

Summer LTAP Newsletter now available!
Check out the latest issue of the LTAP newsletter.

Gravel Roads Construction and Maintenance Guide - 2015
By FHWA and South Dakota LTAP. A revision of the popular Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design Manual.

Fish Passage Guide
A new 16-page guide for constructing stream crossings on local roads and private drives to provide for fish passage. A cooperative effort of the Kansas Association of Counties, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Kansas LTAP.

2015 LTAP Training Calendar At-a-Glance
Check out the Kansas LTAP Training Calendar for the most up-to-date listings.

Kansas LTAP Webinar Series: Road Safety Assessments (4-part series)
A new Kansas LTAP webinar series (2015) on Road Safety Assessments is now available. Participate in all four for Roads Scholar III credit.

High Friction Surface Treatment Starting to Take Hold on the Local System
This fact sheet provides an update on HFST use in Kansas and in other states, including by some governments, and examine why this can be an effective safety strategy for local agencies.

Kansas LTAP Webinar Series: KDOT Local/State Project Coordination Part 1 (of 2)
Part I of a series on Local/State Project Coordination with the KDOT Bureau of Local Projects. Topics include information on Local Program Opportunities, Understanding Agreements, and Traffic Safety Programs. Viewed with all of Part I and Part II, satisfies Local/State Project Coordination requirement for Kansas Roads Scholar Program Level III.

Kansas LTAP Webinar Series: KDOT Local/State Project Coordination Part II - Project Development
This webinar provides an overview of project development and management for Kansas LPAs. Topics include plan development and requirements, environmental clearance, and status of utilities. Viewed with all of Part I and Part II, satisfies Local/State Project Coordination requirement for Kansas Roads Scholar Program Level III.

Kansas LTAP Webinar Series: KDOT Local/State Project Coordination Part II - Bridge Inspection
This webinar provides an overview of the bridge inspection programs and will cover the responsibilities of Kansas Local Public Agencies (LPA). Viewed with all of Part I and Part II, satisfies Local/State Project Coordination requirement for Kansas Roads Scholar Program Level III.

Kansas LTAP Webinar Series: KDOT Local/State Project Coordination Part II - Bridge Design
This webinar provides basic instruction on the Policies and Procedures for bridge design. Topics include design standards, geotechnical design for foundation elements, post design and construction, load ratings, scour analysis/assessment, and preparation of appropriate documents. Viewed with all of Part I and Part II, satisfies Local/State Project Coordination requirement for Kansas Roads Scholar Program Level III.

Kansas LTAP Webinar Series: Introduction to Acquiring Right of Way in Kansas
The one-hour introductory session on "Introduction to Acquiring Right of Way," presented by Eric Deitcher, FHWA Kansas Division. Offered by Kansas LTAP. Watch and send in application for certificate and 1 hour PDH.

Stressing Our Roads
Updated brochure on the effect of different size and weight vehicles on roadway pavement (March 2014).

Maintaining Sand and Gravel Roads: Tips and techniques
A new fact sheet written by Norm Bowers and Claire Schrock provide tips in this fact sheet for proper maintenance to reduce costs and produce a smoother and safer sand/gravel road.

New Fact Sheet Available for Download: Maintaining Crushed Rock Roads: Tips and Techniques
Rock-surfaced roads bridge the gap between low-use dirt roads and high use paved roads. Proper maintenance will reduce costs and result in a smoother and safer road. This fact sheet provides tips and techniques to properly maintain a rock road.

Updated 2014 Kansas LTAP Training Calendar Now Available
The annual calendar of LTAP training activities has been updated through the end of 2014 and is available in poster form. Visit the LTAP Registration Page to sign up.

FHWA Fact Sheet: Maintaining Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity
Shows the revised deadline for implementing a sign assessment or management system, and provides guidance in how to implement one. 2013

FHWA Tri-Fold Brochure. Sign Retroreflectivity Requirements: An Overview. 2013.

Sign Management Software Survey
Survey results that offer different features of sign management software for a vendor to vendor comparison. The survey was conducted by Kansas LTAP in Fall 2010. More information in the Winter 2010 Kansas LTAP Newsletter.

New Kansas LTAP Workshops
View a list of the upcoming Kansas LTAP workshops and register online.

New Kansas LTAP Fact Sheets Available
Looking for information on infrastructure management, highway safety, worker/workplace safety or other topics in local road and bridge management. Check out this Fact Sheets. New topics are added regularly.

Field Guide for Rural Roads (Updated 2013)
The Field Guide for Rural Roads has been updated to reflect changes in the MUTCD. Download the Field Guide here, or contact the Kansas LTAP office to order your copy

GRS-IBS Resource Page
GRS-IBS informational resources including presentations, video of GRS-IBS construction, a Kansas LTAP fact sheet and information on a Kansas-based peer exchange.

Economic Impact of Closing Low-Volume Rural Bridges
A basic framework for discussion between commissioners and engineers in determining if a rural county network of roads and bridges could obtain a cost benefit from being reduced.

Toolbox for Local Road Officials
One-stop location for basic information needed by road officials in Kansas.

Rubberized Asphalt: An Innovative and Sustainable Technology
A webinar organized and presented in February 2013 by the U.S. EPA's Scrap Tire Workgroup focusing on how rubberized asphalt can advance sustainable materials management.

K-TRAN Research Reports.
Type in K-TRAN in the search window for a listing and pdfs of K-TRAN research reports completed by KU or KSU researchers under KDOT sponsorship.

Kansas Roads Scholar Program
The Kansas Roads Scholar Program has now added Level III Executive Skills in addition to Level I Technical Skills and Level II Supervisory Skills. Check here for the program brochure.

Pavement Safety Edge Resources
A fact sheet, brochure and other resources on the pavement safety edge and the Kansas LTAP pavement safety edge shoe are available for download.

"Kansas Local Road Management Handbook" Available for Download
The 2011 edition of the Kansas Local Road Management Handbook (40 pages) is available for download. This handbook was developed for new road supervisors and county engineers. This guide emphasizes administrative issues, laws, rules and regulations that a road supervisor needs to understand. Produced by Kansas LTAP.

Are Special Event Pavement Markings Cluttering Your Streets?
Pavement markings used to denote a special event route can also bring visual clutter to the streets if the markings are not removed immediately after the event, especially a problem when the markings interfere with utility line markings or traffic control markings. This article from the Fall 2011 newsletter provides some examples for management.

KDOT Policy for Quarry Roads Reimbursement (2009)
See article in Fall 2011 LTAP Newsletter.

Green Infrastructure Case Studies
Municipal Policies for Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure.

Sign Retroreflectivity Compliance Dates
Adapted from a Minnesota LTAP document showing dates for complying with federal regulations for retroreflectivity for signs. The document is in calendar form and is easy to read.

2010 De Soto Right of Way Policy
(See cover article in the Summer 2010 Kansas LTAP Newsletter for more information on De Soto's ROW policy.)

2010 KS LTAP Survey Results about Right of Way Policies

Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Manual
FHWA's HSIP manual has been updated from the 1981 version to reflect current laws, regulations, new and emerging trends, and noteworthy practices regarding state and local roadway safety improvement programs and activities. FHWA, 2010. 161 pages

Transportation Asset Management Case Studies: Culvert Management Systems

Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design Manual
A comprehensive manual developed in South Dakota that addresses most issues that deal with gravel road maintenance.

Kansas Division of Purchases
Visit this link to access the State of Kansas purchasing Web site, where many products can be purchased by local governments in Kansas at state contract prices.

Guide for Accommodating Utilities within Right-of-Way
Guide for Accommodating Utilities within Right-of-Way for Counties & Small Cities in Kansas is a new guide produced by Kansas LTAP that examines current issues and practices in Kansas and provide general recommendations that cities and counties can use to manage their right-of-way in the best interest of the traveling public, public agencies and the utilities. (or download a Microsoft Word version)

Road and Bridge Tasks in Kansas
A new information card was developed based on the study of "Duties of a Kansas Engineer." One side covers tasks which require a licensed engineer. The reverse side lists those tasks which do not required a licensed engineeer.

Background to KS storm water program
Provides background information on Kansas storm water regulations related to road and bridge operations. Companion piece to article in KUTC Newsletter, Fall 2008 issue, on the topic.