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Advanced Mobility Device Securement - Salina

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340 N. Santa Fe, Salina, KS
Contact:   Emily Wilder, KU Transportation Center - RTAP
Phone:     7858642594
Email:       kutc_training@ku.edu
Website:  kutc.ku.edu
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On Demand - Agency Requested Driver Training

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Lawrence, KS
Contact:   KUTC
Phone:     7858642594
Email:       eaross@ku.edu
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What's New?

Kansas County Transit-Dependent Demographics 2015
A table showing demographic characteristics needed for your KDOT transit grant application, updated to include the most recent data available (2014).

Kansas TransReporter April 2016
Check out the latest issue of our RTAP newsletter.

2016 Kansas RTAP Training Calendar At-A-Glance
Check out the Kansas RTAP Training Calendar for the most up-to-date listings.

Kansas Trans Reporter January 2016 now available.
Check out the latest issue of the Kansas Trans Reporter.

Kansas Trans Reporter October 2015 now available.
Check out the latest issue of the Kansas Trans Reporter.

2015 Kansas RTAP Training Calendar At-A-Glance
A calendar for 2015 Kansas RTAP training classes has been developed and is available here. Additional hands-on classes such as "Advanced Mobility Securement" and "Evacuation Techniques for Rural Transit Passengers" can be scheduled on demand. If you would like to host a class on one of these topics, please contact Anne Lowder at 785-864-1469 or alowder@ku.edu

BraunAbility Lift Maintenance Training Resources
BraunAbility staff were in Kansas in February to offer lift maintenance training on their equipment. The Braunability Training Powerpoint Slides for that training is now available, along with a copy of their Braunability Troubleshooting Guide. See Resources to Download for a copy of the Guide

The Economic Impact of Public Transportation in Rural Kansas
This fact sheet explores the economic impact of regionalized, coordinated transit services.

Charter Service Final Rule Fact Sheet
FTA published a final rule for charter service with an effective date of April 30, 2008. This one-page fact sheet provides a summary of the features of the revised charter regulations.

Diabetes and the Transit Driver
A link to a list of helpful sites on the Kansas RTAP website that answer questions about diabetes and transit drivers. To read about Diabetes and the Transit Driver, click here

Kansas Regional Transit Pilot Program Planning
A set of resources including fact sheets, white papers, and videos to support the development of Regional Transit Systems in Kansas, beginning in 2009. Scroll to the section labeled "Kansas Regional Tranit Pilot Program Planning."

Kansas Rural Transit Management 101 Handbook
A one-day orientation and update to the Kansas Rural Transit Program was provided as a pre-conference session to the 2010 Kansas Public Transit Association Meeting in Hutchinson, Kansas. This document is the handbook that was distributed at this meeting covering selected topics on the rural transit program.

Coordinating Rural Transit Requires Thinking Outside the Box
Kansas rural regional transit pilots have developed a road map for coordinating transit in rural areas. This fact sheet originally published in the July 2010 edition of the Kansas Trans Reporter details a process that other communities might follow.

Sample Transit Policies and Procedures
A template for a set of transit policies and procedures. Provided by Dave Cyra, United We Ride Ambassador, Community Transportation Association of America, 2010.

Bettendorf Vehicle Advertising Rate and Discount Card
Considering on-vehicle advertising. Check out this sample of rates and advertising packages from Bettendorf Transit in Iowa.

New Kansas RTAP Regional Coordination Fact Sheets and Videos Available
Two new fact sheets and videos on rural coordination and mobility management are available for download. Visit the "Resources to Download" page. The videos and fact sheets are available under Transit Fact Sheets.

Kansas Transit Provider Directory
Click here for a list of Kansas transit agencies by county.

Drug and Alcohol Program Manager Questionnaire
Sample questionnaire with questions to help prepare for an audit of compliance with the Federal Transit Administration Drug and Alcohol Program