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"Panel Session: How to Pursue a Career in Applied Humanities"
Workshops – (Pursuing Careers in the Applied Humanities)

Thu., Mar. 13, 2014, 3:30pm - 6:00pm
Reception to follow. Please RSVP by March 7 through the link below.
Location: Hall Center Conference Hall

3:30 p.m. presentation; 5:00 p.m. Reception with opportunities to talk one-on-one with speakers

In the last few years, graduate programs across the country and professional organizations, such as the Modern Language Association and the American Historical Association, have increasingly recognized the need to openly discuss alternative careers for humanities graduate students. However, practical information on what career paths exist and how to approach the job search can still be difficult.

To that end, Henry Fortunato, this year's Simons Fellow in Public Humanities at the Hall Center for the Humanities, has put together two panel discussions and one master class to explore the range of options awaiting scholars in museums, archives, foundations, public history, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Featuring individuals with advanced humanities degrees who have obtained positions in media, marketing, museums and archives, foundations, non-profits, entrepreneurial businesses, and arts and cultural organizations, the sessions will examine the diverse opportunities open to MA and PhD candidates and graduates outside of the university environment.

Attendance is not required for all three sessions, but is encouraged. Please RSVP to each session inpidually.

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"How to Pursue a Career in Applied Humanities"

Reframing how a humanities degree works to include the public humanities can be a complex process for graduate students trained only in the ways of academica. Panelists for this session will discuss the process of obtaining a public humanities position from beginning to end. They will detail what, exactly, employers are looking for; how to find positions that fit your skills; how you can repackage your skills for non-academic jobs; and what to expect in the job hunting process.

Panelists include:

Mary Madden, Senior Executive, Kansas Historical Society
Tim Rives, Deputy Director, Eisenhower Presidential Library
Harlan Brownlee, President & CEO, Arts KC
Lucinda Adams, Archivist, Kansas City Public Library
Angela Elam, KCUR host, New Letters on the Air
Ann Birney, Historical Reenactor, Ride Into History

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