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Hume Feldman
Hume Feldman
Physics and Astronomy

"Idea Café: When Models Disintegrate"
The Commons – (Idea Café)

Tue., Sep. 6, 2011, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Lunch is provided, and RSVP is required by August 30. Limit 40 guests. RSVP to Emily Ryan at thecommons@ku.edu
Location: The Commons, Spooner Hall

What do we do when the story we tell ourselves, the narrative we depend on for comfort, understanding and our general well-being falls apart? Usually the crisis can be averted by tinkering, fiddling, mending, adding, or in general, futzing. And then there are those other times...

The Idea Café is intended to elicit energetic exchanges between attendees in response to the speaker's introduction. Hume Feldman, KU professor of physcis and astronomy, specializes in cosmology and astrophysics. He studies the large-scale structure of the universe, developing and implementing dynamical and statistical tools; analyzes proper distance surveys to find the distribution of mass in the Universe; and is currently looking at the kinetic Sunayev-Zeldovich signature of clusters to study dark energy and the evolution of the Hubble parameter as well as the distribution, properties and substructure of void-supercluster network.

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