General Policies

  • There is NO food or drink allowed in the BTRC. This includes water bottles and coffee cups. Leave them outside or in your back pack.
  • Please be considerate of others. If you use your cell phone, go out in the hall. There is NO public phone in the BTRC
  • Keep your feet on the floor, not on the furniture or equipment. Pick up after yourself. Trash cans are located throughout the rooms.


The BTRC has both Mac and PC computers available for use by our students, staff and faculty. Programs are the property of the BTRC and may not be copied. All computers have Microsoft Office and some have Minitab, Chart, Scope, and/or programs for special classes. One computers is equipped with a scanner and has Adobe Creative Suite. The hard drives are reformatted daily, so you will need to save your work on your own disk. Surfing the net and checking e-mail are not considered class work. You may be asked to quit or use another computer if the one you are using is needed for class studies.

Downloading and Adding Software/Programs to BTRC Computers

You are welcome to download files for your personal use but ONLY onto your OWN disks. Because we have so MANY users, individuals may not install software of ANY sort onto our machines without permission. This includes AOL's browser and email software. Failure to comply with this restriction may result in you being permanently barred from using the facility.

Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are at the desk and require an "ID", drivers license, or bus pass to check out. Some material may be taken out of the BTRC for 30 minutes to copy. The check out time for material used WITHIN the BTRC is limited only if another student is waiting.


The BTRC has projection equipment for use in the classrooms that can be reserved to assure it is available when you want it. We do not deliver, so you must come to the BTRC and pick up your projector and return it when finished. No overnight or weekend checkouts are allowed. Classroom use has priority.

Some items are in high demand so reservations are required. It is also very important you let us know how long the presentation is and return it promptly.

- Carts available on request
- Lap top computer (classroom presentations only)
- LCD projector
- Loop projectors
- Microscopes
- Movie projector, 16 mm with sound
- Opaque projector
- Pointers
- Slide projectors
- Screens
- Tape-recorder/player

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items are turned in to the desk. Please check with the person at the desk if you lost something.

1005 Haworth

The media equipment in 1005 Haworth is handled by the BTRC staff. If you are lecturing or speaking in 1005 you will need to see Patty for instructions and access to the equipment. There is a computer projection set-up, an Elmo, DVD player, VCR, slides, overhead and sound system available.

Student Employees

The BTRC has student employees during the spring and fall semesters. Students work lunch hours and evenings from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday. If you would be interested in a job where you can study and use the computer while working, come in and talk to Patty. We are always looking for good help.