Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Academic Achievement and Access Center (AAAC)?

Answer: The mission of the Academic Achievement and Access Center is to help you, the student: have full and eQuestionual access to all facilities, classes, events, and activities that the University of Kansas has to offer; engage in active and collaborative learning in and out of the classroom; and attain their academic and personal goals.

Question: Who do I contact in order to receive accommodations from the university?

Answer: Please visit the Disability Resources page for further information on how to document a disability and request appropriate accommodations.

Question: How do I enroll in a tutor group?

Answer: To enroll in a tutor group, please visit the Tutoring Services website and click on the link that says “Request a Tutor Group”. After entering your KU Online ID and password, register with our services by filling out the requested fields. After you receive a reply e-mail from the AAAC, you can log back into that site and see the tutor groups that are currently in session. If you do not see a group for your class or at a time that works with your schedule, click on “Request a Group Not listed Here” to communicate with us your need and all of the times you are available throughout the week. Once we receive two requests for this class that matches your time availability, we can assign you a tutor and begin the sessions.

Question: I’m going to miss class due to unavoidable circumstances, what should I do?

Answer: You should contact your instructor immediately to notify him/her of the situation. Keep in mind that instructors are the only ones who can determine how absences affect grades. The Academic Achievement and Access Center has no authority over your instructors’ absence policies.

The Academic Achievement and Access center can write to your instructors on your behalf if a significant emergency of crisis has occurred, you will miss 3 or more days of classes, or if you are out of town and unable to contact instructors. We cannot, however, advocate for you retrospectively, so don’t wait to begin negotiating with instructors.

The AAAC does not document or verify your reasons for absence nor does our notification constitute an excused absence. Faculty has the right to seek additional information directly from students; you have the right to choose self-advocacy and self-disclosure.

In very rare and highly sensitive cases, the AAAC may communicate, at your request, the severity and/or sensitivity of the case as clearly as possible.

Question: I need to drop all of my classes for medical/personal reasons. Where do I start and how do I get a refund?

Answer: Begin by visiting the withdraw page at the Office of the University Registrar’s to determine if you will need to drop your classes through Enroll and Pay, or if you will need to obtain official drop forms from your college to take to your instructors. You may fill out a fee petition to request a refund for your classes if you are withdrawing for medical purposes. Go to the registrar’s home page and on the left hand side click “Current Students” and “Fee Petition”.

Question: I can’t seem to find the right place to address my current situation. Where should I go?

Answer: If you need help in answering specific questions relevant to your current situation, then please feel free to contact our office for the appropriate referral. The AAAC can provide individual consultations and/or particular accommodations for you, and is equipped to work with the faculty and staff of the university to aid in your academic success. If you have specific concerns regarding financial aid, advising, housing, etc., please refer to this helpful list of university contacts compiled by the Vice Provost for Student Success. We look forward to helping you achieve academic success here at KU!!

The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression and genetic information in the University’s programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Director of the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access,, 1246 W. Campus Road, Room 153A, Lawrence, KS, 66045, (785)864-6414, 711 TTY.