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  2. Indexes to statistics
  3. Guides to statistics
  4. Worldwide statistics
  5. Latin American statistics
  6. Historical statistics
  7. Census publications
  8. Latin American census, pre-1945
  9. Latin American census, 1945-1967
  10. Latin American census, post-1967
  11. Other statistical compilations
  12. Subject headings

Updated 10/06


International Encyclopedia of Statistics. Edited by William H. Kruskal and Judith M. Tanur. New York: Free Press, 1978. 2 vols.

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Kendall, Maurice G., and Buckland, William R. A Dictionary of Statistical Terms. 5th ed., revised and enlarged. London: Longman for the International Statistical Institute, 1990.

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American Statistics Index. 1973-Washington, D.C.: Congressional Information Service, 1973-

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(Online version available via the KU Libraries’ online catalog)

Index to International Statistics. Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1983)- Washington, D.C.: Congressional Information Service, 1983-

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(Cancelled FY05 effective with August 2004)
(See LexisNexis Statistical)

SourceOECD (WWW)

Statistical Reference Index (Annual). Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1980)-Washington, D.C.: Congressional Information Service, 1980-

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(Cancelled after v. 21:12, Dec. 2000)



Kurian, George Thomas. Sourcebook of Global Statistics. New York, N.Y.: Facts on File, 1985.

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Statistics Sources. 20th ed. Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1997. (2 vols.)

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Demographic Yearbook. (United Nations Statistical Office, Department of International and Social Affairs)

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Gale Country & World Rankings Reporter. Detroit, MI : Gale Research Inc., c1995-

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Taylor, Charles Lewis and David A. Jodice. World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators. 3rd ed. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1983. (2 vols.)

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United Nations. Statistical Office. Statistical Yearbook.

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(HA 12.5 .U63 Reference Desk - latest edition only)

See also other yearbooks in Documents



Anuario estadístico de América Latina y el Caribe = Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean.

(E/CEPAL/SY/year Anschutz Reference (Documents))
(HA75 .A58 Anschutz Reference – latest edition only)
(CD-Rom version available - Anschutz Reserve)
(Online at: under Publicaciones)

Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean.

(UN E/CN.12/82/year Anschutz - Documents)
(CD-Rom version available - Anschutz Reserve)
(Online version available)

Fraser, Peter D. Caribbean Economic Handbook. London: Euromonitor Publications, 1985.

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Latin America: A Directory and Sourcebook. 2nd ed. London: Euromonitor Publications, 1998.

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Latin America After a Decade of Reforms: Economic and Social Progress: 1997 Report. (Inter- American Development Bank)

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South American Economic Handbook. 1st. ed. London: Euromonitor Publications, 1986.

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Statistical Abstract of Latin America. Los Angeles: UCLA, Center of Latin American Studies. 1st- , 1955- .

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Statistical Abstract of Latin America. Supplement Series. Titles published to date: (each cataloged separately)

  1. Cuba, 1968.
  2. Latin American Political Statistics.
  3. Statistics and National Policy.
  4. Urbanization in 19th Century Latin America.
  5. Measuring Land Reform.
  6. Quantitative Latin American Studies: Methods and Findings.
  7. Money and Politics in Latin America.
  8. Latin American Population and Urbanization Analysis: Mapsand Statistics, 1950-1982.
  9. Statistical Abstract of the United States-Mexico Borderlands.
  10. Society and Economy in Mexico.
  11. United States-Mexico Border Statistics since 1900.
  12. The Rise of the Professions in Twentieth-century Mexico: University Graduates and Occupational Change since 1929.
  13. United States-Mexico border statistics since 1900 : 1990 update.



Ludwig, Armin K. Brazil: A Handbook of Historical Statistics. Boston, Mass.: G. K. Hall, 1985. (A Reference Publication in International Historical Statistics)

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University of Texas at Austin. Population Research Center. International Population Census Bibliography. Austin: Bureau of Business Research, University of Texas, 1965- 1968. (7 vols.)

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Volume 1 is Latin America and the Caribbean



A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of International Population Census Publications, Pre-1945: Bibliography and Reel Index. Woodbridge, Conn.: Research Publications, 197-?-

(HA 155 .I582 1970 Microforms, has vol. 2)

International Population Census Publications Microform, Pre-1945 (76 reels)

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International Population Census Publications, Series II, Pre-1945: Guide to the Microfilm Edition. Edited by Diane M. del Cervo. Woodbridge, Conn.: Research Publications, 1984.

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A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of International Population Census Publications, 1945-1967: Bibliography and Reel Index. Woodbridge, Conn.: Research Publications, 1979.

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International Population Census Publication Microform, 1945-1967. (128 reels)

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International Population Census Publications, Post-1967: Guide to the Mircofilm Edition. Woodbridge, Conn.: Research Publications, 1982. 1 vol. (loose-leaf)

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International population census publications microform : [post-1967] region, Latin America & the Caribbean. Woodbridge, CT : Research Publications, [1970- ].

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Arriaga, Eduardo E. New Life Tables for Latin American Populations in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1976.

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Indicadores sociales. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Oficina Nacional de Planificación, 1981.

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Indicadores sociales y de gestión. Santafé de Bogotá : DANE, 1995.

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Indicadores socio-económicos, 1970-1980. Lima: Junta del Acuerdo de Cartagena, 1982.

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Taylor, Charles Lewis, and Jodice, David A. World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators. 3rd ed. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1983. (2 vols.)

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To find population censuses, look in the subject catalogs under:

[Country]--Census, [date]

For other statistics, try the subdivision "Statistics" under various topics. For example:

[Country or city or region] -- Population -- Statistics

[Country or city or region] -- Industries -- Statistics

[Country or city or region] -- Commerce -- Statistics

Social indicators -- [Country]

Economic indicators -- [Country]

Housing -- [Country]

Agriculture -- [Country] -- Statistics



UT-LANIC at the University of Texas at Austin

FAOSTAT: Statistical Data Base of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN (WWW)

International Data Base Country Statistics (U.S. Census Bureau)

International Social Indicators (United Nations)

SourceOECD (WWW) - Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development

Statistical Compendium

Statistical Resources on the Web (University of Michigan)

Lexis-Nexis Statistical (WWW)