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SOCIOLOGY (Including Demography and Population Studies)


  1. Sociology dictionaries and encyclopedias
  2. Sociology handbooks
  3. Demography dictionaries and encyclopedias
  4. Population studies indexes
  5. Abstracts and indexes in sociology and related fields
  6. Miscellaneous guides and bibliographies on Latin American populations
  7. Examples of subject headings for sociology topics
  8. Sociology and demography periodicals
  9. Urbanization
  10. The family
  11. Women
  12. Blacks
  13. Multiculturalism
  14. Hispanics
  15. Internet Resources

Updated 10/06


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Population Index.

(Z 7164 .D3 P83)

Population Index Online 1937-1985



For retrospective coverage, see:

DOCPAL resúmenes sobre población en América Latina = DOCPAL Latin American Population Abstracts. Santiago de Chile: CELADE.

(HB 3530.5 .R48 Periodicals)

Princeton University. Office of Population Research. Population Index Bibliography, Cumulated 1969-1981, by Authors and Geographical Areas. Boston: G. K. Hall, 1984. 4 vols.

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Princeton University. Office of Population Research. Population Index 1986-2000 Online.

(Also available on UT-LANIC - Sociology, the SPLAT homepage and JSTOR)



Agricola. (WWW)

Contemporary Women's Issues. (WWW)

Ethnic News Watch. (WWW)

Gender Watch (WWW)

International Bibliography of Sociology.

(Z 7161 .I594 Reference)

Sage Urban Studies Abstracts.

(HT 51 .S24 Reference)

Social Sciences Citation Index.

(Current via Web of Science)
(pre-1998 backfiles available on CD-ROM)

Sociological Abstracts. (WWW)

Women Studies Abstracts.

(Z 7962 .W65 Reference)

World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts.

(HD 1401 .W6 Anschutz)



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(HB 3530.5 .C65 1971)



[Country or City or Region] -- Social conditions

[Country or City or Region] -- Rural conditions

[Country or City or Region] -- Emigration and immigration

[Country or City or Region] -- Population

Family -- [Country]

Children -- [Country]

Cities and towns -- [Country]

Crime and criminals -- [Country]

Households -- [Country]

Labor and laboring classes -- [Country]

Land settlement -- [Country]

Migration, Internal -- [Country]

Ethnic relations -- [Country]

Race relations -- [Country]

Slavery -- [Country]

Social change -- [Country]

Social conflict -- [Country]

Rural-urban migration -- [Country]

Urban-rural migration -- [Country]

Urbanization -- [Country]

Women -- [Country]



In some countries, organizations devoted to demographic research publish their findings. For example:

Asociación Demográfica Costarricense. Informe de labores

(HQ 766.5 .C68 A84a)

Asociación Demográfica Salvadoreña. Informe anual de labores

(HQ 766.5 .S2 A86a)


For more information on serials see:

Wepsiec, Jan. Sociology: An International Bibliography of Serial Publications 1880-1980. London: Mansell Publishing Ltd., 1983.

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History of the Family and Kinship: A Select International Bibliography. Edited by Gerald L. Soliday. Millwood, N.Y.: Kraus-International Publications, 1980.

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International Bibliography of Research in Marriage and the Family. Vol. 1 (1900-1964), Vol. 2 (1965-1972). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press in association with the Institute of Life Insurance forthe Minnesota Family Study Center, 1964-1972. 2 vols.

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Inventory of Marriage and Family Literature. Vol. 3 (1973- 1974)-- St. Paul, Minn.: Family Social Science, University of Minnesota, 1974-

(Cancelled with Vol. 17 1990/91)
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Contemporary Women's Issues. (WWW)

Feijoo, María del Carmen. Una bibliografía anotada de los estudios sobre el status de las mujeres en América Latina. Buenos Aires: Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad, 1989. (Estudios CEDES).

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Gender Watch. (WWW)

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(Also available via the Internet)

Official Guide to Racial and Ethnic Diversity : Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites. Ithaca, N.Y. : New Strategist Publications, c1996.

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(Also available via the Internet)

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UT-LANIC at the University of Texas at Austin

Contains many sociology resources under "Sociology" and "Development" including CLASCO documents.

LADARK: The Latin American Development Electronic Archive. Johns Hopkins University.
LADARK is also available through UT-LANIC and the SPLAT homepage

LADARK contains Working papers, bibliographies and data sets produced by research projects undertaken by faculty members in the Program in Comparative International Development at Johns Hopkins University.