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Also check under the names of authors, national literatures, periods or literary movements -- bibliography for more specific bibliographies.


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General Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Literary Terms


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Each volume treats a different national literature, genre or period. Gives a biographical information and an overview of the author's works and acheivements. Many volumes dedicated to Latin American writers.


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Literary Histories


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Latin American Literary Criticism


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General Literary Theory


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Feminist Theory


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Excerpts of Criticism


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Book reviews


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Guía a las reseñas de libros de y sobre Hispanoamérica = A Guide to Reviews of Books From and About Hispanic America. 1960/1964- Detroit: Blaine Ethridge-Books, 1964-

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Directory of Master's Programs in Foreign Languages, Foreign Literatures and Linguistics. New York: MLA, 1987.

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Writing and Research Guides


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Periodical Indexes and Abstracts


Dissertation Abstracts. Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International, 1861-

(Online - Reference)


Handbook of Latin American Studies. No. 1-53 Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1936-

(Z 1605 .H23 Reference)


HAPI, Hispanic American Periodicals Index. 1970/1974- Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 1975-

(Online - Reference)


MLA Bibliography. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1963-

(Online - Reference)



Monographic Series


Individual books are sometimes published in a series and can be located under author, title or the title of the series. For a chronological list of titles published in the series listed below, look in the online catalog under series. A list of individual titles is also listed in Books in Series or Titles in Series, both located in the Reference Room.


 Critical Guides to Spanish Texts. (London: Grant and Cutler in association with Tamesis Books).

The books in this series provide excellent in-depth analysis of prominent Latin American and Spanish works written by outstanding scholars. Highly recommended.


Gender and Culture. (Columbia University Press).

Offers books on feminist literary criticism. These are not geared toward Ibero-American literature, but provide excellent models nevertheless. An outstanding series.


New Accents. (London ; New York : Methuen & Co,).

This series contains books on a variety of literary theories and genres. Another excellent series.


Twayne's world author series. New York: Twayne Publishers.

The titles in this series provide an introduction to of individual Latin American and Spanish authors and their works. Although the works in this series are meant to present a simple overview, some offer in-depth studies of their subjects. Written by scholars.





 Current periodicals are located in the Periodical Reading Room unless otherwise indicated.


Boletín de la Real Academía Española. (Spain) (460.6 Ac1)

Bulletin Hispanique. (France) (PQ 6001 .B8)

Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (Liverpool) (PC 4008 .B8)

Chasqui. (U.S.) (PQ 6001 .C53x)

Casa del tiempo. (Mexico) (AP 63 .C3255)

Crisis. (Buenos Aires) (folio AP 64 .C639 Watson stacks.)

Cuadernos hispanoamericanos. (Spain) (AP 63 .C6697)

Dieciocho. (Ithaca, N.Y.) (PQ 6069 .D53)

Explicación de textos literarios. (U.S.) (PQ 6001 .E89)

Hispamerica. (U.S.) (PQ 7082 .A1 H57x)

Hispania. (U.S.) (PC 4001 .H7)

Hispanic Journal. (Indiana, PA) (PQ 7081 .A1 H58)

Hispanic Review. (U of Pennsylvania) (PQ 6001 .H5)

Hispanófila. (Spain) (860.5 H625)

INTI. (Storrs, Conn.) (pQ6001 .I58)

Journal of Hispanic Philology. (U.S.) (PQ 6001 .J66)

Latin American Literary Review. (Pittsburgh) (PQ 7081 .A1 L35)

Latin American Theatre Review. (U of Kansas) (792.098 L349)

Mairena. (Puerto Rico) (PQ 7420 .M34 Watson Stacks)

Nueva revista de filología hispánica. (Mexico) (460.5 N88n)

Primer acto. (Spain) (792.0946 P935)

Review: Latin American Literature and Arts. (New York) (F 1401 .C27)

Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos. (Toronto) (CB 226 R39)

Revista de crítica literaria latinoamericana. (Lima) (PQ 7081 .A1 R33)

Revista de estudios hispánicos. (U of Alabama) (PQ 6001 .R48x)

Revista de filología española. (Spain) (460.5 R321)

Revista de literatura. (Spain) (805 R327)

Revista de literaturas modernas. (Mendoza) (809 R327 Watson Stacks)

Revista hispánica moderna. (Columbia University) (860.5 R322)

Sur. (Buenos Aires) (050 Su77)

Torre. (Puerto Rico) (050 T635)


Internet Resources

For Internet resources on Latin American Literature, please visit the home page of the Department for Spain, Portugal & Latin America at: