Spanish Language Instruction Resources

BBC Languages: Spanish

Casa de Joanna - Language Learning Resources

E. L. Easton Languages Online: Spanish

¡Españolé! (Susan Seraphine-Kimel)

Humbul Humanities Hub

iLoveLanguages (formerly known as The Human Languages Page) - Comprehensive language-related Internet resources for students and teachers

Languages on the Web ("The Site with Thousands of Language Related Links")

Learn Spanish (A free online tutorial)

Mundo Hispano: A Spanish Language Learning MOO - a virtual community for speakers and learners of Spanish

Songs for Teaching - Music for learning the Spanish language

Spanish Language & Culture (This site, created by Barbara Nelson, includes grammar exercises!)

Spanish Musicapaedia - Learn Spanish through great pop rock songs!

Spanish Tongue Twisters: Trabalenguas (Michael Reck)

Web Spanish Lessons by Tyler Jones and Jennifer Chambers

Webspañol - Spanish Language Resources Online


Spanish Literature

Cantar de Mio Cid (University of Texas at Austin) Spanish literature. A beautifully done electronic version of the 14th Century manuscript.