Latin American Resources

Amazon Interactive - Geography, games, and more! - The art, culture and history of ancient Mesoamerica

Conquistadors (Michael Wood. University of California Press.) An excellent PBS program. Beautifully illustrated, and a rich source of information

CLNet Folklore/Customs/Traditions

Expressions of Central America (Stanford Center for Latin American Studies and the School of Education's Learning, Design, and Technology Program) An innovative, online educational tool to help teachers and students uncover the rich artistic, cultural, and historical heritage of traditionally underrepresented Central American peoples. Site under construction. Information currently available for Honduras and Nicaragua.

Food for the Ancestors (PBS) A great source of information on Days of the Dead (Dias de los Muertos), including recipes.

The Global Gourmet - Taste the culture of different countries through their regional cuisines!

Hot Internet Sites en Español - An Internet Hotlist on Spanish Resources. With resources for elementary and secondary education and teacher resources

Ice Mummies of the Inca - (NOVA/PBS) In September 1996, high-altitude archaeologist Johan Reinhard led an expedition to the summit of Sara Sara in Peru in search of frozen sacrificial mummies. Here you'll find daily accounts and images from the expedition, e-mail questions and the responses from the team, and much more.

Latin American History

Latin American Pals: An Introduction to Latin America (via RETAnet)

Latin World - Search engine for Iberoamerica and the Caribbean

Living Edens: Costa Rica (PBS)

Lost King of the Maya (NOVA/PBS)

MayaQuest MayaQuest is the current journey in Classroom Connect's series of award-winning adventures from The Quest Channel

Mesoweb A large collection of articles and resources on Mesoamerica and its cultures, primarily Maya, Aztec and Olmec, maintained by Joel Skidmore

The Mesoamerican Ballgame (Play, watch, and learn! This awesome site requires the latest Flash plug-in. Download provided.)

Nuestro México - Presented by the University of Guadalajara

Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures @ Globe-Gate - Offers a wide variety of language, cultural, and teaching resources

Tropical America (Latin American History Game - OnRamp Arts)

UT-LANIC from the University of Texas at Austin. One of the most comprehensive compilations of web-based resources available

Zona Latina