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Subject Headings

Suggested Subject Headings

The following are Library of Congress subject headings that will help you find books on your topic. When searching the KU Libraries' online catalog, enter the appropriate subject heading in the "Search For" field and select "Search By: Subject Heading."

  • General:
    • Peru--History
    • Nationalism--Brazil
    • Blacks--Brazil
    • Guatemala--Antiquities
    • Brazil--Economic conditions--18th century
    • Women--Brazil
    • Gangs--Venezuela
    • Drug traffic--Peru
    • Latin America--Race relations
    • Victims of terrorism
    • Slavery--Carribean area
    • Slave insurrections
    • Indians of Peru--Religion
    • Indians of Mexico--Social life and customs
    • Spain--Commerce--America--History
    • Slave trade--Spain--Colonies--History

  • Historical Figures:
    • Peron, Eva
    • Castro, Fidel


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