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Reference Books

Reference Books

    Handbook of Middle American Indians. University of Texas, 16 vols. (F 1434 .H3 Reference)

    Handbook of South American Indians. 1963. 7 vols. (F 2229 .S75 Reference)

    The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean.  1992. (F 1406 .C36 1992 Reference)

    The Cambridge History of Latin America.  1984-1995  11 vols. (F 1410 .C1834 1984 Reference)

    Encyclopedia of Latin America. 1974. (F 1406 .E52 Reference)

    Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture.  1996. 5 vols. (F 1406 .E53 1996 Reference)

    Hinds, Harold E., eds. Handbook of Latin American Popular Culture. 1985. (F 1408.3 H316 1985 Reference)       


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