CD-ROM resources available at the KU Libraries


ADMYTE: Archivo Digital de Manuscritos y Textos Españoles. 1.0. Madrid:
Archivo Digital de Manuscritos y Textos Españoles, 1992.

Provides transcriptions and facsimiles images of Spanish manuscripts and early printed texts. Disk 1 contains the digitized images and electronic transcriptions of 45 Spanish-language printed books dating 1471-1524 and covering a broad variety of fields (encyclopedias, grammar books and dictionaries, legal texts, scientific and medical texts, history and biography travel literature and poetry). Disk 0 contains machine-readable transcriptions of 64 medieval Spanish texts as well as other analysis tools (TACT, UNITE, BETA/BOOST) for scholars with more complex requirements. In English and Spanish. ADMYTE: A Brief Guide.

Z 6620 .S7 A36 1992 Watson Reference

Bancos Bibliográficos Latinoamericanos y del Caribe. (Colima: Universidad de Colima, 1993).

Contains 83 multidisciplinary bibliographical databases from 79 institutions located in 16 Latin American countries. In Spanish.


Base de datos de cine español: Cine español para el exterior. (Madrid: La Direccion, D.L. 1996).

This database contains information on film and T.V. series from 1979 to the present that form part of the archives of the Dirección General de Relaciones Culturales y Científicas in Spain. Categories include technical information, synopses and film clips. Information can be accessed by director, music, interpretation, plot, theme, genre, etc. In Spanish.

PN 1993.5 .S7 B37 1996 Reserve Desk

La Biblioteca total: viaje por el universo de J. L. Borges. (Buenos Aires, Argentina : La Nación, 1996).

A journey through an imaginary library whose books are multimedia creations containing the most representative texts of Borges. Illustrated with unknown manuscripts, original photographs, the voice of Borges and other unique documents, the CD-ROM guides the reader through the world, work, and life of Borges. In Spanish.

PQ 7797 .B635 Z6343 1996 Reserve Desk

El Camino Real : 400 years of Trade and Travel. ( Albuquerque: New Mexico Department of Tourism ; S.M. Stoller, 1997).

The CD-ROM gives the history and an interactive tour of the Camino Real in New Mexico. It is organized around 7 chronological divisions: Pre-history, Spanish Colonial, Pueblo Revolt, Spanish Reconquest, Mexican Territorial, American Territorial, and Statehood. In English.

HE 356 .N6 C348 1997 Reserve Desk

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. Obras Completas. (Madrid: Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, 1997).

This textbase offers the complete works of Miguel de Cervantes, including Don Quijote, and is fully searchable. The CD-ROM also contains a biography, a detailed bibliography of critical references, woodcuts and works of art. In Spanish.

PQ 6322 .A1 1997 Available in the Dept. for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

CRIES CD-ROM. Información Socioeconómica y Política, Centroamérica. Nicaragua / El Caribe, 1979-1992. (Managua: CRIES, 1993).

Contains 12 databases for research of Nicaragua and Central America, including indexes to Nicaraguan newspapers (Barricada, La Prensa, and El Nuevo Diario), covering 1979-1992; an index of 70 regional magazines; and catalogs of books, documents, and serials in the CRIES collections. In Spanish.

F 1401 .I54 Available in the Dept. for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Decaracolamar: Vida y Obra de Pablo Neruda. (Santiago de Chile : CD MultiMedia S.A., 1996).

Multimedia exploration of Neruda‚s life and works. In Spanish.

PQ 8097 .N4 Z6158 1996 Reserve Desk

Diccionario Total el Ateneo. (Buenos Aires: Universal Softs, 1996).

Spanish language dictionary that contains etymologies, Americanisms and technical/scientific terminology. Includes a synonym antonym dictionary, Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionaries and a dictionary of doubts and problematic items with the Spanish language. Grammatical and geographic appendices are also included. In Spanish.

PC 4625 .S56 1996 Available in the Dept. for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Early "Celestina" Printings: Electronic Texts and Concordances. Prepared by Ivy A. Corfis and John O‚Neill. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1997. (CD-ROM series; no. 3).

The text of 20 early Celestina printings, accompanied by their complete, individual concordances and frequency lists, as well as a combined alphabetic/frequency listing of all texts. The corpus includes all extant exemplars of the Comedia (C01-03) and Tragicomedia in Castilian through 1530.

PQ 6426 .A1 1997 Reserve Desk

The Electronic Texts and Concordances of the Medieval Navarro-Aragonese Manuscripts. Prepared by John Nitti and Lloyd Kasten. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1997. (CD-ROM series; no. 2).

The text of the Navarro-Aragonese manuscripts produced by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies Ltd. The collection includes searchable and browsable texts as well as indexes and concordances for individual works and the corpus as a whole.

PC 4781 .A27 1997 Reserve Desk

The Electronic Texts and Concordances of the Prose Works of Alfonso X, El Sabio. Prepared by John Nitti , Lloyd Kasten and Wilhelmina Jonxis-Henkemans. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1997. (CD-ROM series; no. 1).

The complete prose works of Alfonso X, El Sabio produced by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies Ltd. The collection includes searchable and browsable texts as well as indexes and concordances for individual works and the corpus as a whole.

PQ 6273 .A2 A16 1997 Reserve Desk

Enciclopedia del cine español: 100 años de cine español. (Madrid : Micronet, 1996).

A multimedia exploration of a century of Spanish film containing video clips, music, movie posters and photographs. Includes technical and artistic data, synopses, historical analysis and the biofilmography of actors, directors, producers, directors of photography, etc. In Spanish.

PN 1993.5 .S7 E53 1996 Available in the Dept. for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

A era Vargas: 1o. tempo : dos anos 20 a 1945. (Rio de Janeiro: Fundacão Getulio Vargas, 1996).

CD-ROM explores the Vargas era, and is organized around three chronological periods: the Twenties, Years of Uncertainty (1930-1937), and Estado Novo (1937-1945). Within each decade, the work offers a series of topical presentations. In Portuguese.

F2538 .V33 E73 1996 Reserve Desk

Estadísticas Históricas de México. (Aguascalientes, INEGI, 1994).

The CD-ROM includes a wide range of social, demographic, and economic statistics, most covering the late 19th and 20th centuries; presented in tabular and graphic formats, with an introduction which traces the historical development of each field, including some data from the colonial period. In Spanish.


El fabuloso mundo de los mayas / The Fabulous World of the Mayas. (Mexico : Sampson Multimedia, 1995).

Introduction to Mayan culture through representations of artistic media such as pottery, jewelry, sculpture, and music. Also contains information on principal archaeological sites and a large assessment of photographs. A complete interactive guide to the Mayan culture. In English and Spanish.

F1435 .F23 1995 Reserve Desk

Ganivet, Angel, 1865-1898. Manuscritos de Angel Ganivet en la Biblioteca de la Diputación de Granada / con una bibliografía anotada de Nil Santiañez-Tio. (Granada : Diputación Provincial de Granada, D.L. 1996).

The collection of Spanish writer/philosopher Angel Ganivet consisting of manuscripts of five works, letters and correspondence, administrative and academic documentation and miscellaneous material such as poems, translations and notes. Also contains and exhaustive annotated bibliography. In Spanish.

B 4568 .G31 1996 Reserve Desk

Hispania CD-ROM.

Hispania: A Journal Devoted to the Teaching of Spanish and Portuguese, published by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese in a CD-ROM version contains articles taken from selected years of the periodical.


The Hispanic-American Experience. (Woodbridge, CT : Primary Source Media, 1995).

Fully indexed and searchable collection of information and primary source documents relating to the Hispanic-American experience. Includes timelines, documents, pictures, maps, audio, and graphics. In English.

E 184 .S75 H564 1995 Watson Reference

Mint Museum of Art. Kingdoms of the sun: masterworks of ancient Andean and Spanish colonial art. (Charlotte, NC, 1995).

An introduction tothe ancient Andean cultures from the earliest known artistic endeavors of the Valdivian peoples of Ecuador to the mighty Inca of Peru. In English.

F 2230.1 .A7 M56 1995 Reserve Desk.

Libros Argentinos 1982-1997. (Buenos Aires: Cámara Argentina del Libro / W&O lagol Press, 1997).

This CD-ROM contains information on all Argentine books published between 1982 and 1997, including over 90,000 records. In Spanish, with English instructions.


Hernández, José. Martín Fierro. (Buenos Aires: Zurbaran, 1996).

The complete version of El gaucho Martín Fierro and La vuelta de Martín Fierro, recited and sung with musical accompaniment. It is illustrated with 54 works by 20 Argentinean artists and includes biographies of these artists, as well as information about textual differences in existing manuscripts and current editions. The CD-ROM contains a glossary and is both searchable and browsable. In Spanish.

PQ 7797 .H3 M3 1996b Reserve Desk

México en el centenario de su independencia. (México, D.F. : Sociedad Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística, Centro de Tecnología Electrónica e Informática, 1995).

CD-ROM focuses on the centennial celebration in 1910 of Mexico‚s independence. Creates the atmosphere of Mexico at the turn of the century, on the eve of a celebration commemorating one of its greatest historical moments. The text is enhanced with illustrations and more than four hundred photographs and music from the period. In Spanish.

F1216.5 .M596 1995 Reserve Desk

Miguel de Cervantes. (Woodbridge, CT : Primary Source Media, 1998).

Contains Spanish critical editions of all of Cervantes' works and the most widely-used English translations of Cervantes' works. Includes Clemencin's classic nineteenth-century Spanish edition of Don Quixote and index, Covarrubias' classic 1611 reference work Tesoro de la lengua castellana, and over 100 engravings. Interfaces in both Enlgish and Spanish.

PQ 6322 .A1 1998 Available in the Dept. for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Un Siglo de Tango! (Buenos Aires, Argentina: Sierra 3, 1995).

The CD-ROM is divided into four main indexes: Protagonistas, Geografía, Historia, and Formas. Includes information on notable tango singers and composers, the geography and history of the tango, dance steps, instruments, lyrics, and the audio of 27 tangos. In Spanish.

GV 1796 .T3 S54 1995 Reserve Desk

Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro. (Madrid : Chadwyck-Healey España, c1997).

CD-ROM database containing the full text of nearly 900 dramatic works of the 16th and 17th centuries. Included are works by Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca. The database is searchable by title, author, keyword, and genre. Searches can be limited to specific parts of plays, for instance, stage directions. In Spanish and English. Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro: A Brief Guide.

PQ 6217 .T42 1997 Available in the Dept. for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Textos y Concordancias Electrónicas del "Corpus Medico Español". Prepared by María Teresa Herrera and María Estela González de Fauve. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1997. (CD-ROM series; no. 4).

The text of Corpus Medico Español, accompanied by concordances and frequency lists. The individual works were previously published in microfiche in the Medieval Spanish medical text series.

R 128.6 .T49 1997 Reserve Desk