Collection Development Policy - Portuguese Language and Literature


Principal Selector: Jana Krentz
Principal Location: Watson Library

I. Definition

A. Subject

The Portuguese collection is devoted primarily to the language and literature of Brazil and Portugal. The University of Kansas has a teaching and research emphasis in Brazilian language and literature in particular. Literary studies include history and theory of literature, and criticism and interpretation of major and secondary writers.

B. User Population

Each year over 100 students enroll in Portuguese courses at KU. The user population is primarily made up of Spanish and Portuguese majors, Latin American Area Studies majors required to have command of the language, and also Brazilian students in residence at KU. Although proficiency in the language is a vital element in both advanced Spanish and Latin American Area Studies degrees, the University of Kansas grants no degrees in Portuguese.

C. Collection Characteristics Brazilian literature and literary criticism comprise the largest portion of the Portuguese collection. The Luso-Brazilian collection is adequate for graduate teaching and study at the master's degree level and for sustained independent study. Periodicals in this area are collected selectively.

II. Collection Guidelines

A. Parameters

We collect Luso-Brazilian literature and literary criticism at a study level. More Brazilian materials are collected than Portuguese materials which reflects the emphasis in teaching and research at KU. Collections are predominantly in printed format; Portuguese is the primary language. (English translations of Brazilian and Portuguese literary works are purchased from a separate fund.) Portuguese literary criticism is acquired in the language of publication, though selectively, according to the financial ability of the Library, and within that, the language abilities of the local user population. Works of Portuguese-language authors outside of Portugal and Brazil are not acquired by this selector. Literature from Mozambique and Angola, for example, is collected by the African Studies bibliographer.

B. Types of media

Books and journals in paper format are standard library resources for Portuguese language and literature. We do not collect audiovisual materials, though they do not technically fall outside the scope of the Collection Development policy. To date, the library does not have any significant Portuguese or Brazilian manuscript holdings.

C. Collecting Priorities

We collect scholarly materials to support present and anticipated teaching and research. We acquire the following types of publications comprehensively:

We acquire the following types of publications selectively:

Generally we do not select:

III. Outlook

University The KU Libraries will continue to purchase Portuguese literature with an emphasis on scholarly literature from Brazil. Portuguese was not reviewed as a separate program in the 1992 university-wide Program Review nor was it part of the National Research Council's 1995 report. At a time when there is a renewed national interest in Portuguese, the Portuguese program at KU has lost ground. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese has been urged to shore up the program by the Latin American Center and others. A vigorous Portuguese program is essential for the Latin American Center whose Title VI grant requires it. Furthermore, the national trend indicates that for new Ph.D.s in Spanish, expertise in Portuguese language and literature is a great advantage in today's job market. In light of these developments, there have been renewed discussions in the Department, but it is too early to discern the direction and implications of these discussions.

IV. Selection Process

A. Method of receipt

An approval plan in Brazil supplies more than half of the Portuguese language and literature materials within profile limitations. Materials from Portugal are firm ordered.

B. Selection Tools

The bibliographer reviews publisher and vendor lists and catalogs, as well as major periodical publications in Portuguese literature, Luso-Brazilian Review, Hispania, Hispanic Review, and other periodicals indexed for the Hispanic American Periodicals Index.

C. User Input

The Spanish and Portuguese Department appoints a faculty liaison to the library, which does not preclude contact with individual faculty of the department. Recommendations from students and faculty are welcome, and these often serve to confirm performance of approval vendors. Interlibrary Service notification is very enlightening with regard to local needs and the current direction of faculty and student research.

V. System Coordination and Resource Sharing

Little coordination with other bibliographers is required in this area, however, there is occasional consultation with the African Studies bibliographer with regard to the area of Portuguese-language literature outside of Portugal and Brazil.

VI. List of Main LC Classes Represented

PC 5001-5498 Portuguese language

PQ 9000-9999 Portuguese literature