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LADB: Latin American Data Base is an archive of full-text articles on contemporary Latin America, including Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. News reports are synthesized from regional and international sources, mostly from newspaper reports and journal articles. Subjects covered include politics, economics, human rights, environment, drugs and military. Articles appear in English only. Coverage is from 1986 with quarterly updates.

LADB also includes access to the Economies of Latin America Archive, a full-text archive of selected Latin American economic publications. This database includes serials, reports, and working papers produced by governmental agencies, academic research institutes, and non-governmental organizations in approximately twenty countries in Latin America. Most articles are in Spanish. Coverage is 1994-present.

LADB is available on all networked workstations in the KU Libraries or from any computer connected to the campus network through a direct connection or a dial-up account. To access LADB from a networked library workstation, click Select Databases by Name and select it from the alphabetical list. From outside the library, use the Information Gateway link on the Libraries home page <> or the Searchable Databases link on the SPLAT home page <>.

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