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Private Scholarship Applications

The scholarships listed here are from agencies outside KU who requested their scholarships be publicized to our students. These scholarships vary in their qualifications, requirements, and deadlines, so all students are encouraged to pursue the opportunities listed here.

If you do receive a scholarship from any outside agency, you should report these scholarships in Enroll & Pay at (Student Center > Accept/Decline Awards, Page 2) or notify FAS by email, mail, or fax. If you report by email , mail, or fax, please indicate the scholarship name, amount, and term (fall/spring/summer) as well as your first and last name initials (please do not include your full name for security reasons), KUID number, permanent address and phone number, and day and month of birth (please do not include year for security reasons).

Need Analysis

Many scholarship applications consider financial need as well as academic performance. This portion of the application, also known as a Need Analysis, must be completed and certified by Financial Aid and Scholarships (FAS). Please print, complete and submit the General Need Analysis Request Form along with information from the donor preferably 2 weeks prior to the scholarship application deadline. If you have questions about Need Analysis, please contact FAS.

Application Deadline Date

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No Scholarships at this time, please check back later.