День без

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Welcome to the Students' Page for William J. Comer's edition of Viktoria Tokareva's story A Day without Lying -- День без вранья.

In preparing this edition, I assumed that this will be your first encounter with a longer authentic Russian short story, and therefore I have included much vocabulary assistance in the published text. The facing page glosses should help you read the story with reasonable speed and keep you on target for following its main points. The glossary at the end of the edition features all the words used in the story. Many of them are listed in the form that you encounter in the text, with a reference to the dictionary form if there is something unusual about the form you encounter. As you start into a section of the story, read through the comprehension and discussion activities BEFORE reading. They can help orient you to the main events and comments in that episode of the story.

From this web page, you can access additional online materials, not included in the published text. The list of reading strategies should help you through some denser parts of the story, and encourage you to read for meaning. You will also find helps for completing the fill-in tasks that conclude each section of the story. The biggest piece of advice that I can give to students as they start to read is: KEEP ON READING. Whether it is tennis or reading in Russian, we get better at activities by doing them often and reflectively. I welcome feedback and suggestions from users about the story and its preparation.

Good luck and enjoy the story!


William Comer

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