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Research Sites

The map below depicts the 30 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster-declared counties, boroughs and cities by corresponding shapes of the areas and type of disasters, which are the subject of the Nobody Left Behind research project. Click on a specific site for more information.

* FEMA means Federal Emergency Management Agency

** Multicolored areas indicate when the county, city, or borough had two or three different conditions associated with the disaster. The actual county, borough, or city shapes are not to scale, as they have been enlarged for viewing purposes.

The Site Selection Process

The disaster site sample was randomly selected from natural and man-made disasters that occurred from 1998-2003, within the United States, and include two or more disasters in each of the 10 FEMA regions. As the disaster key chart above illustrates, the disasters include flooding, hurricanes, various types of storms, a tornado, wildfires, winds, avalanches, an earthquake, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Four sites reported that the incident itself had little impact on them while two sites stated that it was one of the worst disasters to have occurred in their community. To learn more about the disaster's impact on a specific site click on the site on the above map.

All 30 emergency managers at the selected sites were interviewed over the telephone by a researcher. The survey questions sought to get information regarding: (1) the impact of the disaster; (2) content of the emergency management plans; (3) any training in special needs populations; (4) any data on the number of persons with mobility impairments; (5) what, if any, guidelines or procedures exist to assist persons with mobility impairments, (6) any plans in place to develop such guidelines or procedures, and (7) what resources are needed to develop such guidelines or procedures.


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