a headline for nobody left behind--Disaster Preparedness for Persons with mobility impairments

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Our Mission

The mission of this research is to investigate 30 randomly selected counties, cities, or boroughs in the United States that have recently experienced a natural or man-made disaster in order to:
  • Determine if disaster plans and emergency response systems for homes, businesses, and the community include the health, safety, and survival needs for persons with mobility impairment

  • Identify the morbidity and mortality of persons with mobility impairments in these disasters

  • Assess if there were any post-disaster changes to address the needs of persons with mobility impairments

  • Identify emerging or Best Practices models for counties to assist in disaster plans and emergency responses to meet the needs of persons with mobility impairments in hopes of preventing injuries, saving lives, and assuring Nobody is Left Behind

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This three-year study is funded by a grant to the Research and Training Center on Independent Living at the University of Kansas from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research, TS#-0840. The Human Subjects Committee on the Lawrence Campus has reviewed this research and granted approval (#13398).

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