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PMRC 2016: Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the 2016 Public Management Research Association Conference (PMRC) is announced. The conference will take place in Aarhus, Denmark on June 22-24, 2016. The conference will be hosted by the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University.
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PMRA Announces New Journal

At the 2015 Public Management Research Conference the outgoing Public Management Research Association President, Frances Berry, announced that the PMRA Board had decided to create a new journal. This is a big decision, and the Board is committed to keeping the membership informed as we move through the process.
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We are very pleased to announce that Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark will be hosting the Public Management Research Conference (PMRC), provisionally scheduled for June 22-24, 2016. Professor Simon Calmar Andersen is the 2016 PMRC site coordinator and is working with a planning committee that includes six other faculty members of the Department of Political Science and Government.

“The selection committee had to choose between multiple very strong proposals, but Aarhus is an excellent choice,” said PMRA President Fran Berry. “Aarhus faculty have been highly engaged with the PMRC and JPART, and Aarhus is an idyllic college campus to visit during the summer.”

The site selection committee members were Karsten Vrangbaek, Chris Skelcher, Tina Nabatchi, Soonhee Kim, and Stephanie Moulton (chair).

Please stay tuned at the PMRA website (http://www.pmranet.org/) and twitter (@pmrajpart) for new information on the 2016 PMRC as well as details on the 2017 PMRC which is being hosted by the School of Government at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

PMRC 2015: Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the 2015 the Public Management Research Association (PMRA) Conference is announced. The conference will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA June 11 – 13, 2015. There also will be a number of pre-conference sessions and workshops on June 9 – 10, 2015. The conference will be hosted by the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

The program committee for the 2015 conference welcomes paper, panel, and poster proposals that feature high quality conceptual, qualitative, or quantitative research. In addition, the committee welcomes proposals for pre-conference sessions and workshops. All proposals will be peer reviewed. Paper, panel, and poster proposals will be blind reviewed.

In general, conference themes will emerge from the proposals submitted. However, we also believe two important themes merit particular attention at this time in the field’s development. We invite consideration of the following two themes in proposed papers, panels, posters, and pre-conference sessions:

The relationship of public management with democracy and citizenship. Relevant topics might include, for example:

  • Performance management and public values
  • Civic engagement and public participation
  • Co-production
  • The proper role of government

The challenges of integrating different kinds of theoretical and empirical approaches to scholarship. Examples might include:

  • Papers or sessions that exemplify rigorous blending of theoretical and empirical work in innovative ways
  • Analyses of significant public management challenges and how theory and empirical research can be used to address them.

The Call for Proposals and conference website will be found at:


All proposals for papers, panels, posters, and pre-conference workshops should be submitted via the website.

2017 Conference Location Announced

Although it may be too early to book your plane tickets, we are very pleased to announce that the School of Government at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill will be hosting the 14th Biennial Public Management Research Conference (PMRC) in the summer of 2017. The 2017 PMRC site co-coordinators will be Professors Leisha DeHart-Davis and Rick Morse, who are working with a planning committee that includes four other faculty members of the School of Government. The UNC School of Government was one of four PMRA member institutions to submit exceptionally strong proposals to host the 2017 conference. The site selection committee members—including Anna Amirkhanyan, John Bryson, Carolyn Heinrich (chair), Larry O’Toole, Chris Skelcher and Brad Wright—followed a detailed rating system and engaged in considerable deliberations to select the 2017 PMRC host. The criteria considered included: (1) the tentative program agenda, pre-conference workshops and proposed conference dates; (2) the number of conference participants that could be accommodated; (3) conference facilities and accommodations; (4) registration fees and institutional commitments and capacity; (5) transportation options and costs; (6) conference website and registration provisions; (7) prior institutional experience in hosting conferences, and (8) distinctive features such thematic elements; hospitality, keynotes or other special features.

“We are thrilled to be hosting the world’s leading public management researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill,” said 2017 conference organizer Leisha DeHart-Davis, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government. “We look forward to showcasing the School of Government’s model of engaged scholarship that marries public management theory with practice.”

Please stay tuned for future details on the 2017 PMRC in North Carolina. Any questions about the PMRC 2017 site selection process or decision can be directed to Carolyn Heinrich at cheinrich@austin.utexas.edu.

PMRC 2014: When Policy Meets Administration: Eastern and Western Voices

Seoul National University hosted the 2014 Public Management Research Association (PMRA) Conference in Seoul, South Korea, June 29-July 1, 201. Conference papers and information can be found here http://pmrc.snu.ac.kr/program/schedule.jsp.

2013 Public Management Research Conference – University of Wisconsin, Madison

The La Follette School of Public Affairs hosted the 2013 Public Management Research Association (PMRA) Conference in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin on June 20-22, 2013. Registration and conference information can be found here http://www.union.wisc.edu/pmra2013/.

Now Available: Free Virtual Issue of JPART Honoring H. George Frederickson
To access the free virtual issue please visit http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/jopart/collectionspage.html.
Editors' Introduction, March 2010

To celebrate the 20th year of JPART publication and to mark H. George Frederickson’s extraordinary contribution to our journal, the current and former editors of the journal have assembled a virtual collection of JPART articles. The articles in this collection were selected from a larger list of nominations from both faculty and students in the public administration field. As the selection committee, we sought to include a wide range of exemplary articles representing the diverse range of methodological approaches, theoretical issues, and substantive topics that have appeared in JPART

While the audience for this collection of articles is broadly construed to be all those researchers interested in public administration and management, it is also hoped that the collection will be of particular value to the next generation of researchers. It is our hope that the collection will be used as a reader in doctoral-level education in two ways. First, each article provides an exemplar of high quality research from different types of work present in the field. Second, the reader provides a picture of the state of both theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field over the last two decades.
The collection that emerged reflects diverse criteria that the current and former editors of JPART brought to bear in the selection process. It emphasizes different approaches and articles as well as representative articles that reflect developments in the field. H. George Frederickson, the founder of the journal, has provided a personal account of the development of JPART. The four past and current editors removed their own work from consideration in the process and included no more than one article by any author. 

We hope that this collection is useful to our current colleagues and future generations of scholars. 

Stuart Ira Bretschneider, editor 1992-2000 
Carolyn Heinrich, editor 2005-2009 
Beryl A. Radin, editor 2000-2005 
Craig Thomas, editor 2009-current

The Public Management Research Association (PMRA) is a nonprofit academic membership association that furthers research on public organizations. PMRA grew out of a bi-annual series of public management research conferences and has substantially grown its membership base over time. In addition, PMRA now publishes the Journal of Public Administration, Research and Theory (JPART), one of the premier journals in the field. Both PMRA and JPART emphasize the links between the study of public institutions and their management and the study of public policy. One of the goals of PMRA and JPART is to foster multidisciplinary research from a variety of fields on government and governance. The organization supports the development of empirical and normative inquiry, theory building and systematic testing of theory consistent with the canons of social science, using the full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Since 1991 the Public Management Research Association Conference has become the foremost gathering of leading public management scholars in both the US and around the world.

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