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Board of Directors

President: Frances Berry, Florida State University
Vice-President: Donald Moynihan, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Treasurer: Holly T. Goerdel, University of Kansas
Past-President: Carolyn Heinrich, University of Texas, Austin
Board Members: Anna Amirkhanyan
Eduardo Araral
Stuart Bretschneider
John Bryson
Leisha DeHart-Davis
Brint Milward
Stephanie Moulton
Sanjay Pandey
Brad Wright
Ken Meier (ex officio)

Board members serve 4-year terms and may not serve two consecutive terms. The PMRA Board meets in person at least once every two years, and that meeting takes place at the Public Management Research Conference. Board members should expect to have committee and decision making responsibilities throughout their term, which will be determined by the goals and priorities of the President (as well as the PMRA Charter).