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You can join or renew your membership online through the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory webpage (here) on the Oxford Journals website. When you purchase membership to PMRA you also receive a subscription to JPART. If you do not want to pay online, there is also a link to a form that you can print off and send in with payment.

Please note that membership to PMRA and subscriptions to JPART run on a calendar-year basis from January to December only and are for two years.

If your membership is due to expire at the end of the current year you will receive renewal instructions directly from Oxford Journals. If by November you have not received renewal instructions, please contact your nearest Oxford Journals customer service office using their online form,
Biannual dues are $200 for individuals and $100 for students.

Please print a copy of your subscription. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1 week, please contact the PMRA Secretariat.

Changes to PMRA Dues Structure for 2013-2014

At the 2011 Public Management Research Conference in Syracuse, the executive board voted to implement a two-year membership plan. The Editor-in-Chief, Ken Meier, was able to negotiate a very positive deal. For 2012, PMRA's one-year subscription/membership price was $104. The new rate is a two-year membership fee of $200. These changes will result in a four percent cut in subscription prices and a net savings of $23.86 based on the projected increase in institutional rates. Individuals who purchase an online-only subscription will receive a further discount of $10, which is about half the mailing costs. Similar discounts will be applied to subscription rates for students. The new dues structure took effect with the renewals for 2013-14.