Goal Specific
In this module, Goal Specific Comprehension Strategies, you will learn particular strategies readers can use to enhance their processing of a variety of materials at different points in the reading process. You will learn five types of strategies: preview, self-questioning, visual imagery, paraphrasing, and summarization. Although we will address them separately, it is important to understand that it is unlikely for a reader to use any one of these strategies in isolation, even during the same reading event. It is more likely for them to be used in combination. We should mention up front that analyzing text may also be viewed as a goal specific comprehension strategy. However, because there is so much to learn in this arena, a whole module was devoted to it.

Because we are dealing with strategies, an important thread in this module relates to the kind of instruction you will have to do to teach students how to use these techniques independently. That's what will qualify them as "strategies." This module will highlight the importance of the explicit teaching of the strategies, a recurring theme in several modules.

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