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Getting Started
This description contains technical requirements and basic directions on how to navigate and use Online Academy modules. More indepth help can be found through the Help link at the top left of every page. Once you are familiar with the structure ofthe modules and the navigation options available, you will be able to best control your learning experience.

  1. Minimal Web Browser Configurations
    Refer to the help section in your browser (likely Netscape or Internet Explorer) for the following settings. Typically they are found under Preferences.
  2. Minimal Requirements for Media
    NOTE: The lesson level Previews and Presentations are available in streaming media format (sound and slides). If you do not have the following configuration, you may view the Text Versions of the lesson Previews and Presentations.
  3. Navigating the Modules
    These navigation functions are available at the top of every page.
For a comprehensive overview on using Academy Modules, please complete the following tutorial. It is available in two versions:

Module Tutorial (media - requires RealPlayer)
Module Tutorial (text transcript).

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