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Hawk Link


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Hawk Link is an academic based retention program designed to assist first year students in navigating their first year by utilizing existing programs at The University of Kansas. Hawk Link is open to all students with a special emphasis on students of color. Several offices work together to collaborate on the Hawk Link program highlighting the service that each office provides.

Hawk Link introduces existing programs on campus to students and helps them navigate each of these programs through direct intervention. Hawk Link operates from an inclusive model that will prepare students for success well beyond their college days.

By linking students with various departmental programs and services, Hawk Link is designed to bring focus to the first year. Direct intervention beginning with the recruitment process to mentoring programs from both faculty and students, culminating to the Hawk Link graduation. Hawk Link is designed to help students with both academic and personal success.

Components of Hawk Link

Hawk Link encompasses many components that assist students in persisting through their first year. These components are:

1) Recruitment
2) Orientation
3) Financial Aid
4) Advising
5) Living/Learning Environments
6) Tutoring & Mentoring
7) Educational & Developmental Programs
8) Student Involvement
9) Assessment of the Program

Program Components of Hawk Link

  • PRE101 Freshman Orientation Seminar
  • SOAR Tutoring and Mentoring Program
  • Monthly Success Seminars
  • Full-time staff that serve as Adjunct Academic Advisors
  • Special Events (Convocation and Graduation event)