Kansas Regents Universities

REGIS: Regents Enrollment & Graduation Information System

Part A: Information Parameters

Select from the categories below.

Information Type: Enrollment counts
Graduation counts
Field of Study:
(based on a standardized classification
system for instructional programs
using numerical (CIP) codes)
Education Level:

Part B: Report Design

Design the report by selecting how the data are grouped into tables,
and how the data within each table are arranged.

Report groupings are briefly defined below.

Groups data at the institutional level.
Field of Study:
Groups data by a standardized classification system for instructional programs (CIP).
Institutional Department:
Groups data by the departments at a particular institution (e.g., History, Biology, Engineering)
Institutional Program:
Groups data by a specific program; often several programs are part of one department (e.g., Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Microbiology, Elementary Education)
Education Level:
Groups data by instructional level (e.g.,freshmen/sophmores, juniors/seniors, masters, professional, doctoral) or by degree level (e.g.,associates, bachelors, masters, professional, doctoral).
Separate Tables for Each:
Select at least one grouping from below: Fall 1996-
Spring 1997
Fall 1997-
Spring 1998
Fall 1998-
Spring 1999
Fall 1999-
Spring 2000
Fall 2000-
Spring 2001
Fall 2001
First report grouping:

Second report grouping:

Third report grouping:

Fourth report grouping:


REGIS Reporting System
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