Office of Institutional Research and Planning

Information for NRC Study Participants


Return any corrections or additions to the Student Data to OIRP in 339 Carruth-O'Leary
by Wednesday November 29.

Student Data Review Instructions

updated November 17, 2006

Hints for Reviewing the Student Data

1. Initial Semester in Doctoral Program

  • The time frame is Summer 1996 - Spring 2006
  • For most programs, the initial semester in the doctoral program is the first semester that a student has the doctoral code on the Student Records system. If this does not accurately represent your program contact Sandra Hannon ( immediately.
  • If the initial semester on the form is incorrect, write the correct semester on the student data worksheet and provide a do-all or other documentation.

2. Comprehensive Oral Date

  • If the Oral Comp field is blank, there is no record on the Student Records system. If this is incorrect, write in the correct date and provide a copy of the do-all showing that the oral comp was completed.
  • If the oral comp date is wrong it may be because the date is for a different doctoral program. The Student Records system does not indicate for which program the Oral Comp was taken.

3. Full-time/Part-time Status

  • Indicate which students your program considers to be full-time doctoral students during the time prior to completion of the Oral Comp.
  • In general, count a student as full-time unless he/she was part-time enough to affect the time to degree.
  • As reference, the Graduate School definition for full-time is 9 credit hours or 6 credit with a .50 FTE GTA/GRA appointment.