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Information for NRC Study Participants


Return updated NRC Faculty Worksheets to OIRP in 339 Carruth-O'Leary
by Noon on Wednesday November 22.

Data Review Instructions for Faculty Worksheets

updated November 22, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can faculty service on current dissertation committees be included if the student has not yet graduated?

    A1: Yes. You may include any dissertation committees for students that have earned their degree since FY2006 or students who have passed their comprehensive oral exam but not yet earned their degree. In such cases, please 1) update the Faculty Worksheet clearly identifying the additional dissertations, and 2) submit the dissertation committee roster (student, program, mentor/advisor, committee members, outside committee member) with the worksheet. The roster should be the members that would appear in the front of the student's dissertation.

    However, do NOT include committees for students who are not currently enrolled. (updated 11/22/06)

Q2: Will all faculty on a program's list receive questionnaires from NRC?

    A2: Only faculty listed as CORE or NEW will receive questionnaires. ASSOCIATE faculty will not receive a questionnaire unless they are a CORE faculty member in another program.

Q3: What is the difference between the CORE and NEW faculty categories?

    A3: There is very little difference between the treatment of CORE and NEW faculty by the NRC. Their research is counted in the same way. Both groups receive the same Faculty Questionnaire. The NEW category simply allows faculty hired within the last three years (between Fall 2003 and Fall 2006) who have not yet served on dissertation committees to be included in the NRC study. If a faculty member was both hired within the last three years AND served on a dissertation committee, the faculty member should be designated as CORE faculty.

Q4: Can a faculty member be CORE in more than one program?

    A4: Yes. Faculty with joint appointments in programs recognized by NRC will be listed as CORE faculty in each program. NRC will use a formula based on dissertation service to calculate an allocation between the two programs. KU will have an opportunity to override that allocation if it does not seem to be appropriate to the programs involved.

Q5: What if member of a program's faculty has not served on a dissertation committee during the past 5 years?

    A5: If a faculty member in program has not served on any dissertation committees and is still actively involved in research and/or doctoral education, the best way to include them as CORE faculty would be to indicate their involvement with graduate admissions or graduate curriculum committees.

Q6: What if a faculty member in Program 1 has consistently served a key role on dissertation committees for students in Program 2? Can that faculty member be listed as part of Program 2's faculty?

    A6: Yes, the faculty member can be listed as an ASSOCIATE faculty member for Program 2. However, there must be agreement between Program 1 and Program 2 to list the faculty member in both programs. At this point in time, the exact allocation of the faculty member's effort does not need to be determined. NRC will use a formula that includes the number of dissertation committees chaired and served in each program to compute an allocation. KU will have an opportunity to review and override that allocation. Although an exact process for overriding their figure has not been established, any adjustment would involve an agreement between both programs.

    Another important consideration in the identification of ASSOCIATE faculty for NRC is the person's research. The faculty member's research and publications should be significant in the field of the second program. There are no explicit definitions or criteria for what is "significant." It is a judgment call that is up to the programs.

Q7: Do outside committee memberships need to be updated for CORE faculty within my program?

    A7: Outside committee memberships by your faculty for dissertations in other programs are not collected by NRC. The Faculty Worksheet only includes dissertations for students in your program. It is not necessary for you to update the outside committee membership column for your faculty.

    Outside memberships is only important if one of your faculty had served as an outside reader on a significant number of committees in another program and has substantially contributed to the content of the disseration. The other program may request that the faculty member be listed as an ASSOCIATE faculty in the other program. The ASSOCIATE faculty designation would need to be negiotiated between the two programs as outlined in Q5 above.

Q8: How can a program's emeritus faculty be listed as CORE faculty?

    A8: If an emeritus faculty member has served on a dissertation committee or taught a regular PhD course within the last three years, the emeritus faculty member can be included as CORE faculty for a program.