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April 22-25, 2003
Course: Microcomputer Applications in Signal Timing Using TEAPAC, PASSER, TRANSYT and CORSIM

Evanston, IL
Strong Concepts and Northwestern Univ. Center for Public Safety
Phone:(847) 564-0386 or (800) 323-4011

May 13-15, 2003
Intertraffic Eurasia

Istanbul, Turkey
Register on line at www.intertraffic.com

May 18-23, 2003
Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) 21st Annual Conference

Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Register on line at http://www.arrb.com.au/conf21/21about.htm
E-mail: irenet@arrb.com.au

May 19-22, 2003
Intelligent Transportation System America (ITSA) 13th Annual meeting and Expo

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Register on line at www.itsa.org
Phone: (202) 484-4847
E-mail: tdiffley@itsa.org

June 2-3, 2003
Designing Optimized Traffic Signals and Systems Using TEAPAC, PASSER and TRANSYT

Corvallis, OR
Call Strong Concepts, (847) 564-0386

July 15, 16 & 21, 2003
aaSIDRA for Roundabouts (3 one-day courses)

Raleigh, NC
Call ITRE (NC State), (919) 515-8580

July 16 & 17, 2003
aaSIDRA for Signalized Intersections

Raleigh, NC
Call ITRE (NC State), (919) 515-8580

July 31, 2003
aaSIDRA for Roundabouts

San Diego, CA
Call CITS (SD State), (619) 594-0164

August 24-27, 2003
ITE 2003 Annual Meeting and Exhibit

Seattle, WA
Register on-line at www.ite.org

August 24-27, 2003
American Public Works Association Annual Congress

San Diego, CA
Register on-line at www.apwa.net

March 28-31, 2004
ITE 2004 Annual Technical Meeting and Exhibit

Irvine, CA
Register on-line at www.ite.org

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