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Bike Transit Information Provides bike maps and bike map design services.

Perils for Pedestrian Site for a televison show of the same name. The show, which airs weekly, is interested in both the problems that pedestrians face andthe solutions to those problems.

www.Cycling.org Offers bicylce related information, resources and services.

BikePlan Source Offers assistance to help improve bicycling conditions in local communities.

PedSmart Recent developments in hardware and other technologies offer the potential of improving pedestrian safety and access by addressing specific problems associated with crossing the street. Properly installed and operated, the application of these can enhance the traveling environment. PedSmart describes the technologies in use and provides links to manufacturers and other resources. This information helps make the public and those responsible for employing ITS devices aware of the capabilities and requirements for using such technology.

Federal Government Sites

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Dedicated to cycling safety. This site offers answers to your frequently asked questions regarding bike helmet laws.

Bikes Belong Coalition Makes grants to advisory groups and agencies working to obtain funding from TEA-21 for improved bicycle facilities.

FHWA Bike and Pedestrian Program Maintained by the Wyoming DOT this site provides crash types and summaries, Wyoming-bicycle related statutes, and information on the Wyoming Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan.

FHWA Bicycle Safety Program Provides information and resources aimed at improving pedestrian and bicycle safety.

FHWA Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Research Page Provides information on issues and research related to improving pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Information Clearinghouses

Scenic Byways Clearinghouse Has online grant applications and grant reports. The site also gives information on nominating your byway for national designation and branding your byway.

Walkable Communities Works to help whole communities become more walkable and pedestrian friendly. You can also learn about grants available for hosting a "Walkable Community" workshop in your area.

Workzone Clearinghouse Provides information on workzone related laws. products, public education, regulations, specifications, statistics, and training courses.

National Associations

Adventure Cycling Association Dedicated to bicycle travel. This site offers information on route networks, tours, and trip planning.

America Walks A non-profit coalition working to foster the development of community-based pedestrian advocacy groups and to educate the public about the benefits of walking. You can also check to see if a local group exists in your area.

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals Offers links to dozens of bicycle and pedestrian program web sites, information on improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, and a list of upcoming events.

Center for Livable Communities Organizes a variety of conferences, workshops, and training sessions. Also offers publications, slides, videos, and access to the center's land use library.

Human Powered Transportation Committee Works to foster the exchange of knowledge among, engineers and planners regarding incorporating human powered transportation into transportation systems. The site allows you to subscribe to the ASCE-HPT email list and offers information resources on human powered transportation.

League of American Bicyclists Provides information on bicycle advocacy.

National Association of Governors' Highway Saftey Representatives Has information on highway and traffic safety with links to Federal and State websites.

National Center for Bicycling and Walking Containsinformation on TEA-21 and what it provides, pedestrian and bike guides, bike industry statistics, public health, and access to their bi-weekly e-newsletter.

State Programs

Florida DOT--Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Works to improve the performance and interaction among motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Has a listing of available safety brochures, information on pedestrian and bicycle saftey laws, and lists Florida policies and standards.

Maine DOT--Bicycle Find out what Maine is doing to improve its bicycle infrastructure.

New York State DOT See photographs of well designed and constructed bicycle and pedestrian facilities in New York.

Oregon DOT Learn about Oregon's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, why you should have shoulders and/or bike lanes, and get tips for safe riding.

Washington State--Bicycle Information Bicycle research and resources, regulations, guidelines, and tools.

University Sites

Stanford University Transportation Center Information on Stanford's bicycle program along with links to community online bicycling resources.

Texas Transportation Institute Get information on travel demand forecasting for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

New Sites

Bicyclinginfo.org Provides a list of reports geared toward the transportation planner including"Improving Conditions for Bicycling and Walking: A Best Practices Report."

FHWA Report: "Implementing Bicycle Improvements at the Local Level"



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