Laboratory of Phonetics & Psycholinguistics
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Chair, Ph.D. Thesis

Eva Rodriguez (2006), Morphological Regularity and Neighborhood Density Effects in the Acquisition and Processing of the Spanish Preterite
Wael Zuraiq (2005), The Production of Lexical Stress by Native Speakers of Arabic and English and by Arab Learners of English.
Yen-kuang Ho (2009) The Perception and Production of American English Vowels by EFL Learners in Taiwan: The Influence of First Language and Proficiency Levels

Chair, M.A. Thesis

Yu Ju Lee (2008), The role of lexical tone in spoken word recognition in Chinese
Carrie Yun Stockton (2008), The effects of speaking rate on Mandarin tones
Melissa Stamer, (2006), The Influence of Neighborhood Density on the Recognition of Bisyllabic English Words.
Mariko Karasawa, (2004), Native and Non-native Production and Perception of Japanese Affricate [ts] and the Fricative [s].
Diana Pastoriza, (2004), Second Language Lexical Processing: Influence of Teaching Method and Word Characteristics.
Eva Rodriguez, (2003),  Second Language Acquisition of the Spanish Preterite.
Ricardo Benitez, (2002), An Acoustic and Perceptual Study of the Vowels of Spanish.
Ruth Merz, (2000)

Honors Thesis Advisor

Christopher Huff (2008), The Raising Effect of Aspirated Consonants on F0 in Taiwanese
Joyce McCall, May 2001, The Effects of Foreign Accent and Phonetic Inventory on Word Recognition
Karen Johnson, December 2001, Sensitivity to Prestigious Forms by Non-native speakers of English
Lynne Lammers (2010) The Perception of Foreign-Accented Speech: Segmentals versus Suprasegmentals

Undergraduate Honors thesis committee membership

Zachary Davidson (2008), Jana Johnston (2007), Ariane Rhone (2006), Liane Carmi (2005), Erin Klager (2005), Rachel Bernard (2003)