Vitter appointed to NSF advisory committee

University of Kansas Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Jeff Vitter has been appointed to the National Science Foundation Directorate for Computing & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) Advisory Committee. He joins 20 peers in in the computing, communications and information science and engineering fields, including scholars and researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California at Berkeley, MIT, Indiana University, Microsoft, and IBM.

According to NSF, the CISE Advisory Committee supplements NSF knowledge by providing up-to-date information on the state of the field, performing specialized policy-informing functions facilitating the Foundation’s response to rapid changes in the CISE subdisciplines and the balance between them, and to identify situations requiring policy attention. More specifically, the AC provides advice on the impact of NSF support policies and programs on the CISE community; provides oversight on program management and performance; and provides advice to the CISE Assistant Director on special issues, forming ad hoc subcommittees to carry out needed studies as necessary.

Provost Vitter was appointed to a two-year term.