Public censure

Mahesh Visvanathan, Research Assistant Professor in the K-INBRE Bioinformatics Core Facility, has been found to have engaged in scholarly misconduct by plagiarizing text in the following scholarly works: “Systematically Identifying Genes and Pathways in Multiple Cancer Types Using HGD & PSO-SVM”, “PathMapper-An Integrative Approach for Oncogene Pathway Identification”, “Meta-Analysis approach for grouping cancer genes using cross entropy algorithm”, and “Oncogenes and pathway identification using filter-based approaches between various carcinoma types in lung”.  In addition, Dr. Visvanathan failed to take appropriate action to limit or stop the publication of the plagiarized works after a colleague and supervisor raised the issue of plagiarism of one or more of those works with him. Dr. Visvanathan also failed to report the misconduct to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, as required by University Senate Rules and Regulations.  This announcement represents public censure of Dr. Visvanathan for his actions.