“(Mid)Night at the Museum” offers study site during finals

Lawrence — The paintings and sculptures may not magically spring to life, but the Spencer Museum’s Central Court surely will buzz with brainpower during “(Mid)Night at the Museum” on Tuesday, Dec. 13, when for the third semester the SMA Student Advisory Board hosts a finals study night for KU students. From 4 p.m. to midnight, students can cram for tests and crank out papers amid the contemporary Native American art exhibition "Heartland Reverberations."

“During finals week there aren’t enough places for all the students to go and study, so we believe that having this space available for even one night will make a huge difference,” says Kristina Walker, the Spencer’s Director of Education and SSAB staff adviser. “'The 'Heartland Reverberations' exhibition is really inspiring in terms of creativity, and we think a different sort of environment might be beneficial as students prepare for tests and write papers.”

Sean Kramer, Hutchinson senior in art history and SSAB vice president, agrees. “The Spencer provides a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for study,” he says. “And for some students, it could be their initial introduction to the art museum and all that it has to offer students.”

At 4 p.m. the Museum will open its Central Court to students, where extra tables and chairs will provide study centers. Though the space will be enforced as a quiet study zone, students will have access to Wi-Fi and may recharge their focus with complimentary refreshments, including soft drinks from Coca Cola and bagels from Einstein’s.

“We talk a lot about how we want students to feel like the Museum is a place to feel comfortable and see as their own,” says Celka Straughn, the Spencer’s Andrew W. Mellon Director of Academic Programs. “We hope that this event will really underscore that message.”