Meet the September employees of the month


Daniel L. DePardoDan DePardo

September 2012
Started: 1993
Current title: Director of Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC) RF Design and Evaluation Facilities
What that means: DePardo’s unit creates innovative technologies in telecommunications, information systems, bioinformatics and radar, and Dan has been a key participant in the success of multiple research projects over almost two decades. He is the go-to person for anything related to electronic hardware. He conducts and supervises the design, implementation, and testing activities for new and unique electronic hardware systems such as microwave, radio frequency, video, and computing systems.
Notable: DePardo has saved several laboratories significant resources by repairing everything from mass spectrometers to network analyzers. His reputation extends beyond ITTC, and other campus units also benefit from Dan’s expertise. For instance, he configured the touchscreen display for solar and wind energy monitoring at the new Center for Design Research facility on west campus. He has also been a valued participant in the KU Staff Fellows program. DePardo was one of the principal architects of the $4.7M Bioinformatics Computing Facility funded by an NIH infrastructure grant. This valuable campus resource provides world-class computing power for KU. Dan was vital to the review and editing of the technical portions of the NIH proposal, as well as being instrumental in the initial design as well as the redesign required after the NIH award was received.

Edwin J. Wittman

September 2012
Started: November 1986
Current title: Facilities Specialist
What that means: Wittman is responsible for managing major construction renovations as the leader of carpentry teams deployed across campus

Notable: During renovation of an office in the Art & Design building, a large duct was in the way of the construction of a fire-rated wall. Ed brought this to the attention of the architects and worked with them to figure out how to use a shaft wall system to go around the duct and achieve the necessary fire rating to pass life safety inspections and satisfactorily complete the project. He sees to it that the construction process is a smooth and pleasant experience for the university unit, while delivering an outstanding level of quality in the finished product. He goes out of his way to insure that the different trades work together for a seamless and complete finished product. Additionally, he often is on the front line to volunteer to help, for instance, by organizing rebuilding parties to assist others in their recovery from catastrophic storm damage.