Meet the June Employees of the Month

Kenard Sarber

University Unclassified Staff Employee of the Month
Started: August 2007
Current title: Health educator, Health Education Resource Office

What that means: Sarber is responsible for presenting information to KU students on health topics relevant to their life both on and off campus. In addition to speaking to living groups, presenting info at health fairs, or promoting awareness on a particular health issue, Sarber teaches CPR, facilitates a tobacco-cessation program, advises the Peer  Health Education student group, and manages/mentors student workers.

Notable: Sarber manages and assists these Peer Health Educators, so he frequently contributes to campus life well-beyond the 8-5 workday. The sexual health program he developed for the Peer Health Educators dubbed "program of the year" by residence hall staff in 2011. In 2009 Sarber was named one of the inaugural “Men of Merit” and featured on the now annual poster of campus leaders who are positive role models. Off campus, Sarber is just as active and involved with various volunteer initiatives, including Douglas County Safe Kids.

Bonnie Schafer
University Support Staff of the Month
Started: 1999

Current title: Administrative associate senior for the Department of Psychology

What that means: Schafer manages the office for the KU Psychological Clinic, which provides training to KU students via therapy service to the clinic’s clients. Her duties include secure records and financial management in addition to the daily running of the office and clinic, and she has regular interaction with numerous faculty, students, and clients.

Notable: is often the face of the KU Psychological Clinic to the many student therapists and clients. She helps create a supportive environment in the clinic and is compassionate and caring when appropriate. She can adapt not only to evolving technology, security demands and HIPAA regulations, but also to client needs, new faculty, and therapist colleagues, including the ever-changing graduate student population.