Meet the July Employees of the Month

Meredith Huff
University Support Staff Employee of the Month
July 2012
Started: October 2007
Current title: Library assistant

What that means: Huff manages the physical space of the Kenneth Spencer Research Library and oversees maintenance of the stack areas, as well as coordinating public and university events in the library. She also is the emergency preparedness liaison, monitors the building’s environmental controls and assists in general preservation needs of the library collections.

Notable: As in any library, space can be an issue, and Huff often works closely with the collections curator to find creative solutions to space needs for newly accessioned collections. During the 2011 renovation of the SLR reading room and reception area, Huff stepped into the role of managing the moving logistics with incredible grace. She was asked to shoulder a tremendous amount in terms of managing the spaces within the building and keeping track of where things were and what was happening. Huff was diligent and innovative in finding space for everything, and never seemed to mind the extra work due to the renovation.

Christina Lux

University Unclassified Staff Employee of the Month
July 2012
Started: 2007
Current title: Assistant director of the Kansas African Studies Center
What that means: Lux’s duties include programming that includes a semester-long brown bag research talk series, regularly organizing participation in conference activities with other area studies centers, coordination of Foreign Language & Area Studies applications, center fellowships, federal data reporting; outreach activities and overseeing the work of the office manager and student employees.

Notable: Lux can handle the unexpected, such as covering the bases when the former KASC Director left KU. Without her careful attention to issues, several students would have not received stipends. She facilitates interactions among faculty members and students, draws graduate students into conference and research talk activities, and works closely with both clerical and student-hourly individuals. When Lux joined KASC she significantly increased audience engagement with the center’s Facebook page.