Meet the December 2011 Employees of the Month

Jill Hummels

Jill Hummels

December University Unclassified Staff employee of the month

Started at KU: 2000

Current title: public relations director for the School of Engineering

What that means: Hummels is responsible for all marketing and communications efforts for the school, including writing, editing and producing issues of Kansas Engineer. She also served as the media resource to University Relations and elsewhere by reporting on faculty, staff and student accomplishments and events. Hummels works with the dean in preparing his communication pieces and coordinates with both the school and KU Endowment staffs to develop numerous recruitment and publicity brochures, ads, recognition materials and more.

Notable: This past year Hummels has assisted the dean in developing marketing materials and information to present to the Kansas Legislature and to industry to show the need for more financial support of all state higher education engineering programs and the need for more engineering graduates in Kansas. As a result of the School of Engineering’s long-term strategic efforts, to which Hummels has contributed, the fall 2011 school enrollment is at a 29-year high and has increased 6.6 percent over last year.


James David Moore

James David Moore

December University Support Staff employee of the month

Started at KU: 2005

Current title: administrative associate senior in KU Parking and Transit.

What that means: Moore is the field operations manager and oversees all special events parking, which includes athletics to Commencement and more. He supervises the field employees, which include officers and maintenance workers, and also oversees parking lot snow removal.

Notable: Kansas Athletics is only one of the many KU departments that rely on Moore and his team. They know they can count on him for thorough parking planning, attention to detail, reliable snow removal and anything else that’s needed for worry-free parking at major college sporting events, camps/clinics and ceremonies. Moore similarly keeps the KU Public Safety Office informed on parking issues that may affect that department, and when daily parking issues arise, he is quick to address and resolve any issue.