Meet the April Employees of the Month

William Larzalere

April University Unclassified Staff employee of the month

Started at KU: 2002

Current title: Chief litigation attorney, KU Legal Services for Students

What that means: Larzalere educates, advises, and counsels students, and he also represents them in court on landlord-tenant or consumer issue cases. He also is the liaison between LSS and the KU Student Senate Rights committee, meets weekly with the LSS litigation team, reviews all litigation coming out of LSS, and mentors and supervises law student interns.

Notable: Larzalere provides good guidance not only to the many international students he counsels but also to the LSS student interns. He also partners with the International Student & Scholar Services office on presentations specific to the needs of the international visitor on campus. Off-campus, he maintains good relations by networking with local attorneys and judges and by treating landlords and property managers with respect. An example of Larzalere’s exceptional service was his development and successful launch of the ‘Year of the Tenant’ campaign. Through meeting with city inspectors, communicating with landlords and the media, monitoring local ordinances affecting student tenants, and advancing a team approach to an increased number of litigation cases, he has positively influenced local landlords and their attorneys, thus improving the rental landscape for students.



Robin Holladay

April University Support Staff employee of the month

Started at KU: 1980

Current title: Administrative associate senior, Department of English

What that means: She serves as staff for the first- and second-year English program (FSE) and helps the program’s director and associate director. Holladay coordinates many things for FSE, including staffing and book orders, maintains voluminous records of appointment, assists with the budget, and monitors enrollment statistics. She also is secretary for and active participant in the Graduate Teachers & Lecturers’ Committee. Together with the associate Chair she coordinates classroom assignments and office space for 105 part-time faculty

Notable: Holladay's duties are varied and considerable, yet she maintains a cheerful demeanor and an unwavering willingness to help. She is a key face for her department to the public, as well as a conscientious and dedicated employee. Holladay is a prime resource for handling the array of questions and problems that arrive in the main office. Her responsibilities demand both multitasking and constant attention to detail, but she manages all of her work with efficiency and accuracy despite frequent interruption. She is an invaluable source of help to the Undergraduate Director, but also to the English GTAs, undergraduate students, and many others. She is, as a nominee noted, “the lynchpin” of FSE and an essential, and much appreciated, KU employee.