Meet November's employees of the month

Julia O’Dell

November Unclassified Staff employee of the month

Julia O'DellStarted at KU: 1999

Current title: Associate director of the Veterans Upward Bound Program

What that means: O’Dell works with the community and veteran agency partners in addition to managing day-to-day operations of the program and maintaining the database and records. She also hires, trains and supervises staff and manages finances. The program is located in Kansas City and is operated under the Institute for Educational Research and Public Service within KU’s School of Education. It provides basic skills, development, short-term remedial courses and resources connection to military veterans to help them successfully transition to postsecondary education.

Notable: O’Dell has a long record of dedication to assisting low-income, first-generation college-going veterans to reach their educational and career dreams. She displayed optimum work performance in December 2010 when a colleague became ill in the midst of important preparation of a large TRIO grant proposal. O’Dell stepped in at the 11th hour to help with the writing of the grant and worked tirelessly to see that the proposal was excellent.


Teresa Rockhold

November University Support Staff employee of the month

Teresa RockholdStarted at KU: 1975

Current title: Administrative associate senior in American Studies

What that means:  Rockhold assists with promotion and tenure reviews and provides orientation to new faculty or those who take on administrative duties. As well as managing the office and supervising staff, Rockhold is assistant to the Chair, and is responsible for accounting, payroll, special projects and planning.

Notable: Rockhold has helped the American Studies department transition and function smoothly under several chairs, and in fall 2011 she proved indispensable to the new acting chair. Rockhold guides the American Studies faculty, administrators and students through deadlines, unexpected opportunities, necessary paperwork and near-constant change. She is widely acknowledged as the pivotal force behind the workings and operations of the American Studies program.