Meet KU's May Employees of the Month

Robert Kerley
University Unclassified Staff Employee of the Month
Started: May 2008Robert Kerley

Current title: research information systems manager, KU Center for Research

What that means: Kerley manages the Center for Research database infrastructure and is particularly responsible for data integrity and data needs for grant reporting. In addition, he is the liaison for the PeopleSoft Grants Module software and often also takes on special projects.

Notable: When working with a revenue forecasting application, Kerley found a creative solution that could draw from data in several disparate systems; this can also be utilized in other current or future projects. A program that he wrote produces results in 10 minutes that the former process took one and a half days to complete. He’s also lauded for his leadership and teamwork skills.

Allen Hase
University Support Staff Employee of the Month
Started: 1997

Current title: Research technologist in KU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy

What that means: Hase creates apparatus for research and experiments by faculty and graduate students. Often he builds these scientific instruments from only a rough outline or simply an idea provided by a research associate or faculty member.

Notable: Hase’s skills save money, time and resources, and at least one of his solutions for an in-house experiment became a commercially viable product. His suggestions often improve designs and ideas or head off potential errors in the experiment. He also instructs graduates students, faculty and researchers in the appropriate use or capabilities of the sophisticated machine shop equipment. He trains students in the use of tools and machinery.