KU Directory updates due

Please submit updates, additions and corrections for the administrative section, or “white pages,” of the 2012-13 KU Directory between June 14 and June 22.

One person from each department or division should look over its listings in the 2011-12 directory and make any necessary changes. Complete information about new or reorganized divisions should be provided in a typed format. 

The changes may be submitted by e-mail to erapport@ku.edu, or a copy of the page may be amended and sent by campus mail to Evie Rapport at University Relations. The person submitting the changes should list a name and phone number in case of questions.

As in the 2011-12 directory, this one will list offices at the Lawrence and Edwards campuses. 

Please note: Changes to faculty and staff individual listings in the “gray-bar” pages are made by each department’s personnel-related staff member, who is usually in the main office. Contact that person with corrections or additions. Home addresses and telephone numbers for faculty and staff, including retirees, will not be included.

The directory will be available at the start of the academic year, Aug. 20.For more information, contact Evie Rapport at 864-8869 or erapport@ku.edu.