July employees of the month

Greg Smith

July Unclassified Employee of the Month


CURRENT TITLE: Systems specialist, Biodiversity Institute

WHAT THAT MEANS: Smith oversees the development, implementation and management of both the software and hardware of the computing systems for the Institute. The systems are used in education, research, collections, public programs and administration, so he works closely with all Biodiversity Institute departments and divisions. He installs and maintains multiple network servers, keeps them current as technology advances and oversees data backup. He also supervises technical support staff and is the Biodiversity Institute liaison to KU information technology and other campus communications and computing units.

NOTABLE: Adept at maximizing the value of the Institute’s IT resources, Smith has increased computer storage space and efficiency and helps maintain system integrity. In addition, he often goes beyond resolution of an issue to suggesting strategies for avoiding similar future problems. An example of Smith’s leadership role in managing server issues arose when the air conditioner that cooled the server room was not functioning correctly. He took it upon himself to design and build temperature sensors in the room that sent an alert to his mobile phone so disaster could be averted.

Rhonda Tingle

July University Support Staff Employee of the Month


CURRENT TITLE: Accountant, comptroller’s office

WHAT THAT MEANS: Tingle is one of two staff in the payroll adjustments office and she is responsible for processing adjustments to employee pay, particularly issues relating to time and leave errors, as well as handling workers compensation, employee payroll and retirement reimbursement contributions.

NOTABLE: Particularly noteworthy were Tingle’s contribution to the process of the State of Kansas going to a completely electronic payroll system and doing away with paper warrants. In addition to helping with this significant policy and procedure change, she worked diligently to contact those, mostly students, who had outstanding paper warrants to pick up before they became voided and worthless.