Business school creates undergraduate honors program

LAWRENCE—Students at the University of Kansas School of Business can now boldly aspire to new heights in their business education with the creation of the Business Honors Program.

The new undergraduate honors designation aims to retain its highest-achievers and attract academically gifted students to the school. Students will be selected based on academic performance, leadership experience and professional potential.

“The Business Honors Program will certify to employers and graduate schools that its participants are our best and brightest,” said Bill Beedles, finance professor and undergraduate team chair. “Each honors course will have enriched content and elevated expectations. We have bold aspirations for our honors students.”

Honors students will be required to complete 12 hours of honors courses offered through the School of Business.

In addition, the program’s students will be expected to participate in experiential learning opportunities and to demonstrate leadership during their time at KU.

“The Business Honors Program enriches the prestige of the University of Kansas,” Beedles said. “It allows KU to retain high-achieving Kansas business students. The School of Business now offers a richer set of academic options, including the majors, honors courses and the business minor.”

Students interested in graduating with business honors will apply for admission to the program as second-semester sophomores. University honors students will be allowed to enroll in business honors courses, but will need to apply to the program to earn business honors designation.

“One of the unusual aspects of this program is that each student is required to design a leadership plan to be accomplished during the program,” said Doug Houston, associate dean of academic affairs. “As an honors program, we thought these students should be responsible for honoring their personal commitments. Rather than setting out a checklist of things to do, we think personal goal setting can take these students much farther.”

The program will offer high-demand electives each semester with an honors designation. Honors students will have the opportunity to enroll in selected graduate-level business courses.

Business Honors Program courses will be offered starting fall 2012 with ACCT 324: Honors Financial Accounting II and MGMT 311: Honors Organizational Behavior. Other courses available to honors students will include MGMT 311: Honors Organizational Behavior and MGMT 499: Honors Business Policy and Strategy.

For more information on the program, contact Bill Beedles by email or 785-864-7530.