Aquatic research center at Kansas Biological Survey receives National Water Quality monitoring award

LAWRENCE — The Central Plains Center for BioAssessment (CPCB), an aquatic ecology research center at the Kansas Biological Survey, received the 2012 “Vision Award” from the National Water Quality Monitoring Council.

CPCB Director Donald Huggins accepted the Vision Award last month at the Council’s eighth biennial conference in Portland, Ore.

The Council presents this award to recognize an individual or group for the outstanding work they do to promote water quality monitoring on a local or regional level to enhance the management and protection of aquatic resources.

The Council was created in 1997 as a vehicle for bringing together diverse expertise needed to develop collaborative, comparable, and cost-effective approaches for monitoring and assessing our Nation’s water quality. The Council provides a national forum for coordination of comparable and scientifically defensible methods and strategies to improve water quality monitoring, assessment and reporting, and promotes partnerships to foster collaboration, advance the science and improve management within all elements of the water quality monitoring community.  

The CPCB was created in 1998 to provide scientific expertise on aquatic resources of the Central Plains Region of the U.S. Through the years CPCB has worked closely with federal, state, county, tribal and local entities to perform research or assist in monitoring efforts on lakes, streams and wetlands; study impacts of runoff and industrial discharge on aquatic biota; investigate landscape and habitat impacts on aquatic resources; and create comprehensive databases of ecological information, available on their webpage