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The Theoretical particle physics group at the University of Kansas consists of a dynamic group of professors, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. Their research stems from the first tenet of Physics: if you can't find proof of it, create an experiment, or data to back it up, it's just pretty math, not Physics. With this always in the background they perform studies in QCD, neutrino research using information from neutrino telescope data, quark-gluon content and behavior in nucleons. Their exploration of the particle realm carries them into the study of cosmology, nuclear physics, cosmic rays, and many other disciplines. The group here also does comparison of extra-dimensional physics models and provides theories testing the old principles to the experimentalist group that can be tested in the lab. The group is open to new ideas and venues to carry-out their research.

Theoretical Physicists at KU John Ralston | Danny Marfatia | K.C. Kong