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Our understanding of particle physics has changed greatly over the past several decades. We have gone beyond the Atomic Model to the Standard Model, our current best theory. We now understand that atomic nuclei (made of protons and neutrons) are an amalgamation of quarks and gluons, with messenger particles and leptons thrown in for good measure. The Standard Model describes all of what we have been able to observe quite accurately. Yet, there is good reason to believe that the Standard Model may not be the end of the story. There are other theories and models being developed that could take us to a deeper level of understanding. New experiments are needed to test the various ideas that have been proposed.

The KU particle physics group believes that Physics is fun and exciting for people at any age. We have a wide variety of outreach programs that help educate learners of all ages.

Quarked! Adventures in the Subatomic Universe

Quarked!KU originated this multimedia program for children ages 6 and up with a website, hands-on programs, and animated videos.


Quarked! Here, KU scientists host area schoolteachers in workshops to learn about presenting recent physics research results to their students. (current activity at KU, FNAL QuarkNet)

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Learn how to draw Feynman diagrams