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Books by William Allen White

In alphabetical order

A Certain Rich Man, 1909 Politics, the Citizens Business, 1924
A Puritan in Babylon,1938 Rhymes of Two Friends, 1893
A Theory of Spiritual Progress, 1910 Same Cycles of Cathay, 1925
A Typical Kansas Community, 1897 Some Secular Queries, 1893
Autobiography of William Allen White, 1946 Stratagems and Spoils: Stories of Love and Politics, 1901
Boys Then and Now, 1926 The Changing West, 1939
Calvin Coolidge, the Man who is President, 1925 The Court of Boyville, 1899
Conflict in American Public Opinion, 1925 The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me,1918

Defense for America: The Views of Quincy Wright [and others], 1940
The Old Order Changeth, 1910
Emporia and New York, 1906 The Real Issue and Other Stories, 1896
God'sPuppets, 1916 Thoughts at 65, 1933
In Our Town, 1906
What It's all about, 1936
In the Heart of a Fool, 1918 William Allen White. 193-
Masks in a Pageant, 1928 Woodrow Wilson the Man, the Times, and His Task, 1924


Frank C. Clough, William Allen White of Emporia, Whittlesey House, 1941
Sally Foreman Griffith, Home Town News: William Allen White and The Emporia Gazette, Oxford University Press, 1989
David Hinshaw, A Man from Kansas, the Story of William Allen White, Putnam, 1945
Jay Jernigan, William Allen White, 1983
Walter Johnson, William Allen White's America, Holt, 1947
John DeWitt McKee, William Allen White: Maverick on Main Street, Greenwood, 1975
Everett Rich, William Allen White, the Man from Emporia, Farrar & Rinehart, 1941

Editorial Collections

William Allen White, The Editor and his People, Macmillon, 1924
Forty years on Main Street, Farrar & Reinhart, 1937
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